December 23rd

You might want to know that I have booked my ticket to return to Kuwait this Charismas break. I’m so excited; it’s been exactly one year since the last time I’ve been there (I usually return to Kuwait every December since 2004). I honestly cannot wait. I’m eager to see what has happened since last year I have been there…

Do you guys know any new places or restaurants that I should pay a visit?


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  1. welcome baaaak moqadaman xD inshalla to9al bilsalama o tnawir likwait ;p .. i recommend MAKI .. either the one in belajat street or the one in marina .. but i love belajat more .. lana its more casual than marina!! oo the lebanese waiters are soo funny 😛 ragaab, tawfeeeeeq & A7MAD! LoL 😛


  2. im coming back to q8 this Xmas too! bas the only differene the last time in q8 was in august. hmmmm, i heard that there are new coffee shops opened infront of alsalhiya complex. they say its the new hot spot :p

    hmmmm, if u love indian resturants, u should go to Asha’s in marina mall (madri etha leee7agt 3aliha wella laa, bas u must go there)

    The other nice place to go is shareee3 ilbed3 next to Chic or whatever its called. there are a lot of new resturants and coffee shops next to each other…

    oo feeee wayeeed wayeeed ba3ad…!!

    Hope u have a great time back home 😀


  3. @Samboosa

    Allah yesalmech Samboosa maskoorah o ma8a9arty 😀
    Maki huh…I’ll try the belajat….and since you mentioned Lebanese waiters…I assume the restaurant is Lebanese…right?


    Yalla to9leen bel salamh Bella and don’t forget to stock up on cadbury chocolate products while you are in London LOL 😀

    I’m not really into Indian food but since you recommended it, I’ll give it a try. And I’ll ask about the new coffee shops around the Bide3 area….care to join me with a cup of coffee when we both arrive to Kuwait LOL 🙂


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