Items To Have In Your Backpack


Now, with the “Traveling Season” is among us, I want to share with you my personal survival guide while traveling. It contains the most essential items that you should keep with you all the time in your personal backpack.

1. A Smaller Bag

You definitely need a much smaller bag or a traveling wallet to keep all your important documentations. With this, you don’t have to search for your passport in the abyss of your backpack, just make sure to keep it in a separate compartment of your backpack so you are always ready to go.

2. Snacks & Water

Most people stuff their backpack with so much food that you would think there are about to encounter an invasion of hunger spree. Simply, make sure that you have a bottle of water to avoid dehydration, and couple of bars, gum, and other snacks that will keep you sane through your journey…not a feast though.

3. Your Trusty iPod

OK, that’s the most obvious item to have really. However, I suggest that you create a favorite playlist beforehand and include all your favorites, and try to shuffle them a bit so you won’t get bored. Yeah, life is random…isn’t it…so keep it random.

4. A Light Laptop

One of the great things you can do while waiting between flights…is to blog your “waiting process” or to check the weather or maybe check the latest and most interest attraction to the place you are traveling to. However, if your laptop weights a ton, then, there’s no need to bring it with you…because, all you’re gonna get is a shoulder pain, and unessential weightlifting.

5. A Handheld Console

The best way to kill some time while you are waiting for your flight is to clear a dungeon in Legend of Zelda or beating your own scores in Tetris, or even playing with other people online. I usually have my DSLite all the time, with a copy of my current favorite game. This year, I’m getting myself a game called “Elite Beat Agents”; a rhythmic game that hopefully will keep me sane with its humor and great (yet odd) selection of songs.

6. A Great “Flight” Book

You know that book that you have wanted to read all year long but you didn’t have the time to do so. Well, now, would be the great time and hopefully that book would be interesting as you were hoping to be. Whether it’s a chase scene with Robert Langdon or a classic book of Jane Austen, that book should have the enough “kick” to snap you from this world to your fantasy realm.

7. Another Gadget of Fun

If the “in-flight” movies don’t strike your appeal, then you better bring a portable DVD with you (although, the new iPods do have the feature), or if your laptop doesn’t get in your way, then you can watch DVD using your own computer. Others tech gadgets includes: a digital camera, a PDA device, and of course, your multifunction cellular phone.

Well, that’s about it (I know you were expecting 10 items…tough luck buddy…but 7 is good too). Happy traveling everyone.


7 responses to this post.

  1. scratch out the “book” part and add hand sanitizer


  2. i have pretty much the same stuff plus hand sanitizer, Flash memory, cigarettes, and empty CDs


  3. bidal book .. magazines .. if its a long flight akeed aku movies in the plane fa i wont have to bring my lappiee or dvdz .. ummmmm .. my ipod a5tha with me in skool soo akeed ba5tha ma3ay if am traveling .. u should add one thing .. MAKE SURE UR IPOD AND LAPTOP IS FULLY CHARGED !!!!!! o bess x)


  4. @Laialy

    Why scratch the book…I can simply add the hand sanitizer to the list. But to be honest, I do keep the sanitizer always with me whenever I travel…so, I thought it’s self-explanatory.


    Flash memory and empty CDs? Are you a secret agent that specialized in copying data while traveling LOL 🙂 (OK, that was lame).


    Magazine works too. And just as I said, some people don’t really like in-flight movie so they usually drag their laptops and watch their favorites onboard. Great advice for the charging thing though 🙂


  5. maybe i am ,maybe im not 😛 but the flash comes in handy a lot and every once in a while i use empty CDs to make music CDs for friends who choose songs from my pretty huge mp3 library 🙂


  6. Great list. I couldn’t agree more. You might want to keep your laptop on hybernate for the whole checking in process cause at every gate they make you take it out and prove that its a working laptop and not an empty shell hosting a bomb :S


  7. @Fonzy

    Oh, so in this case, you are not a secret agent…you are a music distributor on the verge of being captured for music piracy ;p


    Yeah tell me about it. Last year a woman dropped her laptop while she was “checking-in” her stuff from her purse, because the officers on every gate were rushing the crap outta her. *sigh* I hope this year everything goes smoothly.


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