Number 23

The scary thing is that my flight day to return to Kuwait is the 23rd of December.



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  1. OH MY GOD THE MOVIE LOOKS AMAZING .. i love movies like daat .. oo 7adii i believe in those things soo Angelo dude .. CHANGE UR FLIGHT !! make on the 24 or 25


    awal ma shift the trailer I was looking at the laptop screen and the time was 2:30!!


  3. Holy shit that preview was amazing!!!!
    jim in a seriouse good fill and it looks like he did a good job of it!
    I wouldn’t worry about your flight man, based on the movies logic your day would be 23 of dec. i.e. 35 so i think your cool what would have worried me though would have been if i saw the video yesterday 11th of dec. i.e. 23 :/


  4. Yaaaaaay ur coming back! Hope u have a safe trip, and me no have time to see the clip :/

    O blog imbarak inshAllah :**


  5. Heeeeeey! Im 23 yrs old! LoooooooL.. aham shay 😛

    LoooooL… this movie looooks 3ajeeeeeeb! Jim Carrey in a serious/scary role!! noooo waaaay… it a must c… shakleee ra7 amoooout min il’6eeeek :p


  6. il’6eeee7k*

    My type-o hal ayam zayeeeden 😛


  7. okiii solar’s comment freaked me out even more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Posted by topherslagle on December 12, 2006 at 8:54 pm

    Interesting, somewhat scary. Hopefully that never happens to me, and if it does, well… yeah, that’s a bummer.

    By the way, whats up with all these Hollywood movies coming out on dates that refer to the movie?

    The Omen came out on 6/6/06
    That creepy Santa Clause movie comes out this Christmas.
    And this comes out on the 23rd?


  9. @Samboosa

    I cannot. All dates are booked 😦


    NOOOOO, you look at 2:30!! Now, an awful curse will take over your life.


    LOL true 🙂

    That’s comforting…thanks man 😀


    Allah yebarek feech…and that was so sweet of you. Thank you…want any souvenirs?


    Ahhh, so that’s you curse of turning 23…making badleyat like crazy LOOL 😀


    This is just part of the advertising campaign really. I mean who knows…maybe the movie 23 is already finished but the produces want to postpone it until 2/23. This method will insure an extra attention grabber.


  10. SHIT! while I was reading your reply it was 12:38!!! 23! AH now I’m really freaking out!


  11. @Adorra

    LOOL 😀

    Well, maybe THAT is your curse…nothing will really happen to you but the Number 23 will always be in your life.


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