Blazers Are Back!


Just as I was surfing the net, visiting online department stores and searching for something cool to wear for the airport (I would go to the mall but since I’m busy with the finals, this is more efficient), I caught a little trend that is vibrant these days: BLAZERS.

The new styles seem really cool (and not lame at all as they used to be), but my problem with them is they are very limited and very hard to keep them clean and slick. Until, I came across with these three simple recommendations for blazer-loving people:

• It seems blazers can be worn casually as well as formally. For example, you can pair it with jeans and a T-shirt for causal Fridays, or, combine it with a jacket, shirt tie, and trousers for those formal parties and gatherings.

• Best advice to clean a blazer and make it looks all new is to remove the creases by either “iron-stemming” it or simply by hanging it in your bathroom while you shower.

• Fashion fanatics highly recommend getting solid black or navy blazers for maximum versatility. But for evening wear; consider a brighter shade that will pop under “subdued nightclub lighting”.

Click HERE and HERE for some cool blazers I found; in case you are interested in buying one for yourself too.


3 responses to this post.

  1. the banana blazers are hot, sorry to say the Armani blazers look a little gay :p


  2. So you’re going to be all spruced up when you come home!


  3. @Laialy

    Well, I’m getting the BR blazers anyway…that’s why I chose their design for my post. The AE are nice too but yeah…they might be a little gayish.


    Well, of course…it’s been like one year since I saw my family. I must look in my best especially since I’m gonna surprise them with my new look LOL 😀


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