The Revenge of The Woman


Men’s Health magazine surveyed 300 women on how do they rate the ways they punish the men in their lives. Rank 7 and up is considered the most satisfying, while, below 7 is considered not as fulfilling.

*Gulp* here goes:

• I give him the silent treatment till he cracks (Rank 6)
• I withhold sex till he grovels (Rank 4)
• I flirt with other guys (Rank 3)
• I tell him I’m disappointed, cry, and make him feel miserable (Rank 7)
• I get out with my girlfriends and hope he worries (Rank 5)
• I don’t pick up the phones when he calls (Rank 8)
• I force him to talk about whatever the problem is (Rank 7)
• I buy myself something nice with our money, because I can (Rank 6)

I’m surprised that withholding sex is not satisfying to have the sweet taste of revenge.


8 responses to this post.

  1. LooL
    i wonder which one works the most
    P.S. the link on your old blog is wrong on the last post


  2. ……..god help up


  3. lol i meant god help us :S


  4. Maybe they take their revenge during sex 😉


  5. @Laialy

    So, you haven’t tried one of them yet? That’s a relief ^_^




    During sex…now that’s cruel. I mean the man might lose his “manhood” if she’s done something extremely bad to him if you know what I mean


  6. God,, Women are EVIL… although I like the strategy 1and 2 .. but EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!


  7. Posted by Angel on December 15, 2006 at 10:18 am

    Thats goood to know…. 🙂 now i know which one should i use… i like spending the money part…


  8. @OpeRon

    Prepare for a serious of backlash soon in your blog…by angry women.


    I think you should change your nickname from Angel to Evil Woman…(just kidding!)


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