How To Pull An All-Nighter


Seriously, if you asked my friends about me, they will tell you I’m the King of all-nighters. Well, not exactly since I don’t share my tips with those losers (opps, the Sasuke’s in me talking). So, here are some tips on how to pull an all-nighter:

  • Drink coffee/tea/etc. Not too much that you end up shaking. Just enough to keep awake. Caffeine makes your heart beat faster, which keeps you going. Because what really happens is the caffeine goes straight to your brain and attaches itself to nerve endings blocking your body’s naturally occurring adenosine chemical from being able to attach to those same nerve endings. Your body releases more adenosine, starts to panic because it’s not having any affect, and adrenaline is released in small amounts as a defense mechanism which increases your heart rate. It also helps to have a drink you like. Treat yourself while you’re torturing yourself. I prefer green tea with a dash (tablespoons) of sugar or a canned Starbucks Doubleshot.
  • Eat a meal. You have to realize that you are extending your day to be about 50% longer. If you are on a 3-meal diet, an all-nighter calls for at least one more meal. I find 3 am is a good time to eat. It’s also important not to eat fatty foods that will make you sleepy. No one wants to jeopardize their all-nighter with a sudden food coma. Foods with carbs, such as cereal or pasta, give you energy to keep going, and will help to reduce any nausea from sleep-deprivation.
  • Shower. Washing your face is good too. Cold water will refresh you. It also helps to stay clean.
  • Listen to music. None of that wishy-washy classical stuff. Loud music. Music with beats and bass and blaring riffs. I usually go for some mentally stimulating techno or drum-n-bass. Oh, and watching youtube helps a lot.
  • If you can afford to, take breaks. I find 30 minutes of playing videogames that involve lots of action and violence to be especially effective at refreshing my batteries between hours of boring, monotonous homework.
  • As a last resort, get up and walk around. Walking gets your blood flowing. If you are in your dorm and you are about to pass out on your desk, walk around the hallway. It also helps you think, in case your mind is about to explode.
  • Don’t lie down. Don’t say you are just going to “put your head down for a second OK, because when you look up again it will be the next day. Oh, and don’t turn off the lights out.

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  1. well.. does not sound like a healthy life style to me though .. but I am used to all-nighters cos of ma studies ..
    however, I have to disagree with the Caffeine mechanism .. the whole thing is much more complicated that that .. and adenosine is not released directly into blood streep.. it is more in the form of AMP & ADP at the cellular level… the release of adrenaline is a result of direct activation of sympathetic nervous system by Caffeine …

    The Hallmark of Caffeine is that it dilates blood vessels making more blood to rush into the brain thus, increasing the reticular formation “+adrenaline” which makes you awake

    Thought you would like to know this


  2. Hmmm. I am an early to bed early to rise person, all-nighters not an option. I’d rather hit the sack at 12 then wake up 3-ish and just study till I have to get moving. Those 3 hours do wonders for me.


  3. Posted by Angel on December 16, 2006 at 5:09 pm

    heheh…. ana caffien doesnt bother me no matter what time of the day it is.. but i have to have my coffee in the morning or i will have a head ach all day…. eating… heh as skinny as i am i eat all the freaking time… like every two hours… doensnt keep me awake 😛 ok i dont shower right in the morning i hate that.. but i do wash my face with ice cold water a7la shay in the morning 🙂 when im in the mood in the morning rock is my baby 😉 video games is not my thing ‘thank God’ nice post thou 🙂


  4. I’m actually pulling an all nighter today 🙂

    thanx for the tips!


  5. i agree with ur tips, i once pulled it off three days without sleep by drinking MUGS of arabic coffee. i selt for 28 hours straight when i was done


  6. Why just not sleep?

    If the need to study or work is the purpose; I think sleeping early and waking up early in the morning is much better.


  7. haha why dont you just sleep and wake up early in the morning?

    i liked ur tips haha.

    as for me, if I wanna stay awake.. changing my clothes every 15 mins, as if i was going out, makes me stay awake for hours lol :p and the caffeine works too. lol


  8. In my entire life, I’ve only pulled one all-nighter and it was because I had to be up at 6 and was used to staying up till 4 and then sleeping in till 12 so I decided to stay up the extra 2 hours. The entire day was TORTURE. I vowed never to do it again.


  9. @OpeRon

    Well, I don’t stick to this lifestyle all the time…just during the finals. Oh, and thanks for the clarification about the whole Caffeine thing, I was kinda hesitant when I was writing it so I wasn’t exactly sure of the info I presented LOL (talk about validity) :S


    I tried this method before but it doesn’t work for me…I’m an all nighter…an Owl.


    Thanks for sharing your method of “all-nighters”…yours are actually not that surprising considering you are girl and all (and I don’t mean that in a discriminative way). Oh, and thanks for the compliment ^_^


    YAY! Glad I that I helped somebody with my tips. W00t ^_^


    28 hours? Now, that’s crazy!!

    Arabic Coffee huh? I might try that even though I’m not a big fan of “our” coffee.

    @True Faith

    Just as I told Injis…it doesn’t work for me…I’m a night Owl not an Early Bird, besides I wound up worrying about the exams all night so I will not be getting any sleep either way.


    Well at least you liked my tips…and to answer your question check my comments above. Oh, and nice to have you here in my blog Missy ^_^


    Well good for you…at least you have the will power on not doing it again…but I cannot seem to get over it…I tend to think about the exam a lot so I get no sleep at all. Hopefully, you won’t have to do it pull it off again 🙂


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