Finals Are Over

Finally, I had my last final for the semester. It was a bit iffy but I had a good feeling that I did well, (I nailed the multiple choices but the “short questions” were a bit hard). I hope everyone sucked on the exam cuz this way, my odds to get a good grade would increase. Yup I am evil, if I’m going down I’m taking everyone with me Muwahahahaha.

Well, I have 3 days until my flight date to Kuwait, so I’m gonna shop for some gifts and clothes especially since the selling season is upon us (and pay some of my bills in advance too). I might watch some movies that I missed on the last 2 weeks; I’m thinking of watching The Pursuit of Happyness since it’s getting good reviews.


4 responses to this post.

  1. am glad 2 hear u did fine in ur exams… isa grade A+


  2. Congrats 🙂 I’m glad you are done now hehe now you can rest!


  3. My midterms keep going till Mid Jan so I’m jealous. Best of luck isa. Let me know if you liked the movie.


  4. @OpeRon

    A+? God, I sure hope so ^_^


    Thanks Jacqui, yeah, I’m gonna rest and meet my family in Kuwait. I CANNOT WAIT 😀


    LOL, there’s no need to be jealous…the break is only 3 weeks long which sucks.

    Sure, when I see it, I will write a review about it 🙂


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