Blogging From Amsterdam


Yup yup, just like an hour ago I arrived to Amsterdam, and so far, I have been waiting for like an hour for my next flight to Minneapolis, and then I’ll get a domestic flight to Denver. Yup, it sure is a long (and might I say annoying) flight…I really cannot wait to reach Denver. I left Kuwait at 1:35AM in the morning and right now, it’s 7:15AM right here in Netherlands. Technically, the whole trip from Kuwait to Denver is exactly 24 hours because; I’ll be arriving to Denver at 3:40PM (that means 1:40AM in Kuwait, thus, it’s 24 hours). And do you know what is the worst part in all of this? Well, the next day (Tuesday) is the first day of school, and that means I won’t have enough time to adjust with my new jet lag (I might skip the first day of school if things got worse). However, I will have the time to catch the Golden Globes so YAY I guess.

For now, I’m just gonna reply to all your sweet comments and again sorry for the 3-weeks absence…I honestly didn’t have the time especially since I live in South Surrah and all, however, it is really frustrating that on the day of my flight, we finally got to have phone lines (although, my father said we might have to wait for a week or two for them to actually work). I’ll definitely blog about Kuwait…just as soon I come home and get enough sleep. Well, see ya soon.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I say you skip the first day!


  2. no wonder you have been out for a while! Welcome back to the online world! And I think you will be fine!

    Like the new look! Seems like your getting the hang of this theme thing! hehehe

    Good luck with school and you should watch 24!


  3. miss uuuu!


  4. @True Faith:

    I skipped it and I slept like a baby 😉


    Thank you Marzouq and I’ll try to watch 24 this season especially after winning tons of awards.


    Same hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *;


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