Got Nokia?


Before I left Kuwait, my mom gave me the choice to choose between a brand new cell phone and a digital camera. Even though, I’m in desperate need for a digital camera, I had to go with the cell phone. The reason is that if I get a new cell phone from the US, it wouldn’t allow to display Arabic letters and I receive lots of messages written in Arabic such as jokes, poem, and so on. Also, the Nokia’s lineup in the US is terrible, they still haven’t heard of the N-series, while their Motorola lineup is upgraded constantly.

So, I got Nokia N73, it is very nifty, and the camera isn’t half bad; it is 3.2 mega pixel which is a whooping improvement of my old Nokia which had 1.3 mega pixel instead. The only problem I encountered so far is the constant lagging and it seems it is common in most N-series, so I have to live with it. I will try to take as many pictures as I can, and maybe I will open a Flickr account if they turned up any good…maybe.

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  1. you can upgrade the firmware yourself and you can install a new software update that speeds up the sms-ing ability. It’s been around for quite a while I guess.


  2. Mabrook 🙂


  3. @Jackie:

    That sounds good, how can I upgrade it? Is there a website somewhere I can download this software from and then install ?


    Allah yebarek eb 3omrech thanks ^_^


  4. […] but I can definitely assert that it is indeed a reliable phone. It’s so much better than my old Nokia, which was laggy as hell. It’s very sleek, and its size is comfortably small enough. However, […]


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