The Devil Wears Zara


One of my favorite stores in Kuwait is also one of the most obnoxious places on Earth. I really like Zara, I really do. I like their clothes, their shoes, their accessories, and their sells, but there is one thing that I really hate that the management still hasn’t done nothing to improve and that would be: their employees and customer service. I mean they are so mean and “vicious”, and they way they look at you is like you are asking for charity, not paying them money so they could keep their jobs. I mean, when I go there, it’s not like I’m buying one item after a long time browsing and wasting their time. I’m paying 200 something KD dammit, so I expect a good service and for once a smile or a gesture of gratitude.

So can anyone explain why is that? I have seen this in almost all Zara’s store in Kuwait and I see no difference. I have no idea if this also applies to the women’s section too, but I’m guessing it is definitely not the same.


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  1. Welcome back. I can totally relate to the Zara staff only in Cairo it’s Mango staff :S


  2. i was actually told by a Zara employee in lebanon that the kuwait employees are known for their excellent service and are best in the world. he told me that most zara stores around the world are self service but in kuwait the employees actually go the extra mile.

    dont know if this is true though sincei dont shop at zara neither do i like zara.a


  3. i have never experienced bad customer service at zara, not that i shop their often :/


  4. i agreee, finally someone wrote about this… s
    i hate going to zara, its like i beg for the clothes not actually buy them.. and people ask why i’d rather shop at upscale places? atleast they treat u better, if u buy the thing or not..


  5. Take it from a shopaholic, Zara Kuwait people are nice. There are few mean people but overall they are all nice and very very helpful.

    Baroque, you are just spoiled ;P


  6. welcome back.. MISSED YOU!


  7. @Juka:

    Thanks Hun, glad to be back. See, the thing is going international…


    LOL, then I suggest that you drop by Zara next time and witness for yourself the “extra mile”…


    Well you should shop there…they have a nice lineup even for women. However, this might not be true in the women section.


    Glad you agree with Baroque…Give me five *clap*

    And I don’t think Zara is THAT upscale…I have been to much fancier stores and their treatment wayyyyyy much better.


    Have you stopped in the men section and asked for their service…? It seems the women section’s employees are much than the men section.


    And I missed all of you….glad to be back and blogging again ^_^


  8. Posted by Angel on January 18, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    LOOOL i worked at zara… trust me the staff there wont change.. cuz manegment used to kick out asses… they were roud… not nice… never helped us.. thats why there so like that u know.. i hated it there… not a good place to work… group 7 eb kobra !!!! anyways.. glad to see your back 🙂 im leaving in a week to go back to kuwait… 9ara7a i cant wait heheh 🙂


  9. what i hate about zara is how they cut their Large shirts for girls with small boobs and arms. IF YOU’RE BUYING A LARGE, I bet you have more padding.

    god damn commercial control


  10. Posted by saffronrice on February 10, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    The Zara in Washington DC has a vicious manager (they wouldn’t tell me her name) – but she was on duty today February 10, 2007 at 11am and she was combative, rude, and insulting. Unfortunately I will never patronize Zara again – it’s really too bad as I used to be such a big fan.


  11. Posted by azooz on April 6, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    hello …… nice name “the devil wears zara” however i heard that name before but it was “the bitch wears zara”… 🙂


  12. Posted by arthur on April 14, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    Hi, I am doing an Ebay case study about Zara’s leadership and corporate management. Of course, we have found loads of good stuff but the problem that my group is having is finding critics of Zara managment. Is it possible that it is all good?


  13. Posted by bubbles on August 2, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    i think the men that work at zara in kuwait, in all of the zara’s ive been to ther,are extremely handsome, friendly, helpful, and flirty.
    I also dont think theyre as snobby as you guys are saying they are. They dont just stand around and give mean looks like other workers in other stores, most of the time theyr actually doing theyr job.


  14. Posted by Article on May 29, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    I currently work at a branch of Zara in England, and I completely agree with “Angel” – the management is awful. I myself have ceased to shop at the store, I seem to be surrounded by rude customers that think the shop is their personal wardrobe and that they should be given whatever they want, and miserable staff that are constantly berrated by an imcompitent manager.

    If anyone’s interested, we had a new line of Basic dresses that just came in, and I found that on one of them the belt buckle had broken in half; the front and back joints had broken. When I pulled the buckle apart to see what had happened, I saw that it had been made from a piece of a can of Chinese sweetcorn.

    Ultimate recycling or a complete charade?


  15. fuck you people


  16. Posted by annabel on July 28, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    working at zaras anywhere sucks. especially in new york. why? awful and mean management! and horrible benefits!


  17. Posted by ex-zara customer on August 26, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    OMJ… i just got back from a two week vacation from italy,, i went to the florence and venice ZARA stores….i came to the conclusion that it is a requirement to hire fucking assholes. both men and women employees are rude and stupid, they are zero help and actually put obstacles in ur way to buy something.

    The biggest bitch was the one in florence, in front of the piazza repubblica, harrass her if u live there. i got so pissed off i would open up sweaters and throw them back down and messed up the neat piles of pants HAHAHHAHAhaha.
    another asshole is the gay manager at the ZARA old orchard mall in skokie Illinois .
    i will never shop there again after 4 or 5 past shitty experiences all around the world.!!!


  18. Posted by fashionlova on September 16, 2010 at 2:12 am

    zara acts like they are too good for their customers, which is super discouraging and they probably lose business from. and a lot of the quality of their clothes isnt even worth the price. the people that work their cant even fake a smile for their customers and are TERRIBLY rude. when you work in retail, shouldnt customer service be everything?


  19. Posted by never going there again on September 16, 2010 at 2:13 am

    zara has the worst customer service. really really bad customer service.


  20. Posted by nYx on October 12, 2010 at 5:50 am

    Am an Indian working and living in Kuwait for over 5 years. Working for a Logistics Giant in the region I was based in Kuwait and Iraq. So this is what happened: I came back just a day before my R&R (vacation) to Kuwait from Iraq and decided to shop at Zara at Al Fanar Mall, Salmiya. Now most of us contractors wear a mean scruffy look in Iraq and are worn down by the harsh living conditions… so that explained the unkempt hair and 2 week ole stubble.

    I walked in the store with the Zara EDT for Men in my mind. I asked for the neatly packed box; the saleman behind the counter; I could have sworn gave me a look as if saying you bloody well cant afford a KD22.000 bottle of perfume. With an air of superiority complex says we dont have testers! I told him I dont want a damn tester you (A-hole under my breath) I wanna buy it and push off.
    He again remarked that this is not a tester and if I open it I will have to purchase it… OH MY WORD. If only I didnt learn the art of being calm in the most adverse scenarios I would have kicked that guys rear off to Beirut. Anyhow I purchased the EDT by taking out a thick wad of freshly minted KWD20.000 bills… story not over yet… he was suspicious of the fact that I had a wad in my pocket of approx KD2K and was looking at me like as if I was someone who just broke into “his Baba / Mama’s vault”! I have since resolved never to visit Zara again and sorry to say that I have become racist towards a particular nationality who think of themselves as Europeans but who infact belong to a land strife with civil unrest! I say sorry for my behaviour as since the Salesman is biased towards Indians and thinks that they belong to the lower income strata I am just returning his favor in kind!

    Laslty, lets calculate the GDP and other economic ocean of a difference between these two countries. I rest my case. As for Zara… your products aint good for my money, bubbas!!!


  21. Posted by sweetz on December 10, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Where: Toronto, On Canada. the Zara store in Yorkdale Mall.
    Every time I go into Zara I’m never greeted with a warm welcome, the employees give me a dirty look as if my presence annoys them. Last month I had asked an employee if they had the jacket I wanted to purchase in a size medium. The employee gave me the dirtiest look, dropped the clothes she was folding and stalked off to a separate room. She came back and tossed the jacket at me then went back to folding.
    Another time I was waiting in line for the dressing room. I smiled at the employee and told them how many clothes I had in my hand, I held it up for her to see. She gave me a blank stare snatched the clothes out of my hands and recounted it herself. After trying on the two items I told her I was not going to purchase them. She gave me a killer death glare and took them away from me. I walked out of there passing the anti theft scanner and it didn’t go off. She told me to come back and rub my bag up against the anti theft scanner again. I told her that it didn’t even beep when I passed by it. She told me to do it again. It was ridiculous and embarrassing; people in line were staring at me as if I were a thief. I did it again and of course no sound went off. I left the change room humiliated then made a bee-line for the entrance. I wish you can shop Zara online I can’t deal with their poor customer service. It took me a year to go back to one of my favorite stores, I thought maybe things have changed but of course they haven’t. The workers are still rude.


  22. Posted by Tom on November 2, 2012 at 10:57 am

    I have had terrible customer service at a Zara here in the UK. I wanted to return/exchange an item that I had (shouldn’t have) bought from Zara. Because I work 7 days a week I was unable to return the item within the 30 day refund period. Completely ignoring and brushing aside my extenuating circumstances, they point-blank refused to return the items or for that matter an exchange.

    The staff (especially the store manager and the menswear manager) (Rebecca) became very defensive and dismissive, abrupt and otherwise unwilling to engage in a conversation. Despite myself being a regular customer, there was no flexibility or empathy on their part or any attempt to resolve the issue by showing goodwill.

    They stated that the primary reason for not allowing me to exchange or return the items was that they had changed seasons and thus they would be unable to re-sell the items. Previously the staff were more than happy to help and assist me when SELLING things to me – but apparently customer service and their friendly attitudes go completely out of the window as soon as they are not able to make money from you i.e. you are returning something.

    Welcome to Zara Clothing. They are happy to take your money but if you ever have a problem or an issue, expect terrible customer service. Expect them to be defensive and dismissive, abrupt and otherwise unwilling to engage in a conversation. Expect a LACK of flexibility or empathy on their part or any attempt to resolve the issue by showing goodwill. But of-course, they will be more then happy to sell you some more things and take your money!

    They have now lost yet another customer and future revenue all for their desire to save £9 (by not returning the item) due to their greed and their rigid and inflexible customer service. Very clever business strategy!

    I will be shpping elsewhere from now on. there are plenty of alternatives: H & M, FCUK, GAP, Levi’s, John Lewis, Debenhams, Next, BANK etc. Explore the options!


  23. Posted by Adelaide on August 18, 2016 at 5:49 am

    After the yellow star canundrum, I’m not sure why anyone shops Zara!


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