Top 5 Songs


Yeah, I know they are pretty much mainstream but I hold Marina FM the blame because they have been airing these songs constantly during my stay in Kuwait. Either way, enjoy.

  1. Bashar Al-Shatti ~ Mashi
  2. Elissa + Chab Mami ~ Kent Fe Sertek
  3. Abdulmajeed Abdullah ~ Ensan Akthar
  4. Fadel Shaker ~ Bosne wa Salehne
  5. Maryam Faris ~ Nadini

5 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Welcome Back 😀

    It nice to have u back 🙂 How was ur stay in q8?

    Looooooooved the list! i was actually addicted to Ensan Akthar for a whole month or even more… I was soo addicted to the song that i refused to listen to any other song @@

    LooooL 😉


  2. 9ara7aa mista7yaa agolhaa bss alboom (sewalif el q8 :p) bashar is pretty good


  3. awww i luv the list (my 3gaidy side :P) how was q8 ?


  4. 2, 3 and 4 are my faves 🙂
    o tara bashars whole cd wayid 7ilo


  5. @Bella:

    It’s nice to be back 😀

    I had a blast in Kuwait…bas gazz o molat o Chocolate Bar…but it’s more fun than it sounds believe me LOL. Yeah I love this song, I considered it one of the best for Abdulmajeed ^_^


    I still haven’t gone with his whole CD but word on the street it is darn good…much better than his first.


    LOOOL 😀

    Wallah I had tons of fun in Kuwait, I saw my family, went shopping, dinned in at the finest restaurants, and gazzzzzzzzzz LOL.


    Glad that we share the same taste in music LOL 😉

    Yeah I heard…and I will check his CD more thoughtfully.


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