I’m Supposed To Read…


For my British Literature class. I have memorized Pride and Prejudice perfectly so there shouldn’t be any problem. I am also familiar with Robinson Crusoe but know nothing regarding Frankenstein. There are other assigned reading such as Shakespeare’s The Tempest but those are the primary readings.


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  1. you’re lucky your brit lit class has chosen such famous classics as the class’s texts… plenty of material from the library or internet to help! 😉



  2. You took me back in time. I read all those. Frankenstein is wonderful and soooo symbolic, you’ll love it. They were made into movies also.

    Check out this site for summary and analysis



  3. Frankenstein is a very nice classical, do u know that Mary Shelley wrote this when she was 14 !!!! amazing

    Pride & prejudice is just so depressing .. and Robinson Crusoe is just so merry and child-literature for me..

    But nice curriculum u have!

    Go Go Goooooooooo


  4. Shakhbariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! U took me back to my college days!


  5. Mary Shelley started Frankenstein when she was 19 years old in 1816 and it was first published anonymously in 1818 🙂


  6. @Sulz:

    Yeah that’s what my friend said the other day…although I like to do everything without any outside help…but who knows…I might need one.


    WOW thanks for the website…that will sure help 😮


    I’m really excited for this course too…actually, this is the only exciting course I’m taking for this semester.


    Eshda3waaaaaaaah. If someone heard you they would assume you are really old 😀


    Nice info…I’ll try to state it when we start discussing the book…I wanna sound like a smart ass 😉


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