Few Days Of Sunshine


Well, at least we will have some sunshine for the upcoming days…until Saturday. Man, I really hate winter, with snow outside I cannot jog and thus I cannot attend the gym regularly (you see I usually jog my way to the gym), and I don’t have a car to get to the gym either. In winter, I mostly wait for the snow to melt a little before I do anything; fortunately, the snow melted today so I can enjoy the next 3 days going to the gym and then have a break for 3 days after the snow showers. Sometimes I wonder why didn’t I go to University of California (Irvine) when they accepted me to their school! Oh that’s right because, I wanted some damn snow that’s why.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Great! Is that windows Xp ? the lower toolbar looks KEWL!


  2. I hope your enjoying the snow then! Cause I really enjoyed california! hehehehe


  3. @OpeRon:

    Windows? Ewww? No, It’s Mac toolbar…and it is indeed Cool LOL 😀


    Ya3ni ga3ed et7erni el7een 🙂


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