I Need A Blondie


I have this sudden crave for Ruby Tuesday’s Blondie. But I want the Kuwaiti’s Blondie not the American, because the Blondie over here tastes like crap. To be honest, not just the Blondie but everything tastes so good in Kuwait and also we have a killer Friday’s menu; the one here is really pathetic. In fact, if you asked any American who currently living in Kuwait these days about his/her favorite fast food chain restaurant, they would open their mouth and say loud and proud: Hardee’s.

So to sum things up:

Food in Kuwait > Food in the US


5 responses to this post.

  1. hardee’s makes me sick … matter of fact: any fast food makes me sick except pizza
    golii falafil kanariiii
    welaa shawarmaa min ma63am fe share3 el ma6a3em nesyt esmaa
    wellaa 7aloom sandwich min el ba6reeq
    or machbooos deyay min eed 3amity
    or machboos la7am
    wella wellaaa a nice dinner min villa fairoooooooooooz
    damn ye3t :/

    baroo7 ashrab chai 7aleeb a7sanlii


  2. Huh, I wonder why the food flavors of a regulated chain’s menu? I truly enjoy blondies and wrote yesterday about the fact that it was Blonde Brownie day here in America. I made my own version of them and they came out quite well. Have you ever had the warm blonde walnut brownie from Applebees? Oh they are great with the scoop of ice cream on the side. Yum.


  3. I am sure food in arab world is the best , we r nation with taste of course

    Btw, I love how u made the commenting area, it is so eye relieving and VERY tempting to post a comment .. I LOVE the new design .. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the old one !

    Is wordpress.com now putting more default templates or have u paid to get ur own CSS template ? .. Cos I left wordpress.com cos I wanted full access to my templates … Horrid!


  4. @Laialy:

    LOL el7een entay 5alaty shiy…shaklich 7af’9ah share3 el ma6a3em 3adel 😀


    WOW I just checked it out and it seems a nice and easy receipe…I might do it. Thanks a bunch 😀

    I love Applebee’s Blondie but they aren’t good as Ruby’s.


    Exactly 🙂

    You think? It seems I’m getting less comments each day LOL 🙂

    This is a default template from wordpress but I did upgrade it so I can access the CSS codes. But still I haven’t played around with the CSS, so what you are seeing is wordpress work.


  5. Posted by azooz on April 6, 2007 at 10:31 pm

    of course …….all the food in kuwait are great …………………………………..ahhhhhhhh i would give anything to have a pice of “chabaty”……..


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