Create A Simple Gym


I came up with the perfect solution for the whole gym problem and that is, if you cannot go to the gym then you better bring the gym to your own apartment. Here are the set of equipment that are sufficient to create the gym experience…sort off.

1. An Exercise /Medicine/ Swiss Ball:
a. Big size that you can sit on it. I usually use it like a bench for chest press or whenever I want to do my crunches.
b. Small size that you can hold in both hands.

2. Resistance Tubes (either 15 pounds or 20 pounds). Resistance Tubes are very flexible and you can perform various exercises from them for the whole body.

3. Weights and Dumbbells. To perform biceps curls and shoulder press and other stuff.

4. A Mat for various exercises that you perform while laying down or for pushups.

And that’s pretty much it. I actually had a good workout by using the mentioned tools. Although I kinda miss the treadmill and of course, my treadmill hunnies (God, I sure miss them).


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, Perfect idea indeed.. I love it.. mostly am lazy to go to the gym 🙂


  2. @OpeRon:

    Glad you liked the idea…time to sculpt that body LOL 😀


  3. Jessie

    hi, great site! thanks for the info!


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