A Demon In Kuwait

I’m still quite uncertain about the validity of this video but it is nevertheless terrifying. My friend insists that it is indeed real…but I don’t know really. What do you guys think?

*UPDATE* The video turned out to be a fake as it was an imitation from the original video. Click HERE to see the original.


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  1. That is indeed scary .. Genn do exist, I do believe in that & very muslim should as well .. I am scared from the sound effects mostly
    HOWEVER, I do believe that a believer cannot be harmed by such genny because this is the law of the universe created by allah sob7ano we t3ala

    Now a little bit of physics.. Let’s assume that Gennies does not exist in mass form .. however it can be seen … from basic physics we do understand that light is considered a mass based on the photons.. but, waves cannot be considered as mass per se like electromagnetic waves .. but we also cannot see waves too!

    So here comes the conclusion, that this genny (If exists) is in a mass form somehow, therefore the human eyes can see it.. Morever, I do resend the idea of existence of gennies in mass forms ..

    I will try to assume that this is real .. Mr. Final Haven, You do not have to worry about a thing .. 2ayet el Korsi and ” Salamon Qawlon Mn Rabbon Ra7eem” is enough to get away any harm.. it is even stronger than magic, if u ask me

    why am I writing this long comment ? because I am paranormal .. and I see these kind of stuff & others.. I have seen’em burn with these simple words..so trust me on this

    Yours ..


  2. Posted by nq on January 30, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    thats fuckin hot paranormal buddy boy


  3. thats no jinni that Golum!! :p
    so fake .. more of a joke.


  4. yeah … i am not even going to watch it … yup you guessed it 7adii 5awafah


  5. Posted by shogo on January 30, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    they made a good movie, but it’s not real ofcourse. Have you ever heard of a jinny that lives in “mazra3a” i mean he should be inside a human body…not living in a jungle. But good work guys
    o allah u7fe9’na jmee3an


  6. Posted by Stinni on January 30, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    I’d say fake. The actor who plays the gin is so skinny. And you can tell he has a mustache. Good try, I guess.


  7. completely fake.. Its an old video some kids made .. they took it and added some parts.


  8. I can’t watch because I’m in class but I’m going to say fake :-p


  9. @OpeRon:

    WOW, you are sure being formal in your comment…I mean addressing me as Mr.s and such LOL…just kidding.

    Now, I do believe what you are saying 100%. In fact, before I posted the video I was thinking…that thing isn’t a Genie…it is more believable if it were a demon (according to my knowledge, a genie and a demon are separate entities). So, that is why I addressed the topic as “A Demon In Kuwait.”

    But wow, you see this kind of stuff…are you a ghost whisperer or maybe you have seen lots of Hala Shar7an shows LOL 😀


    Wait!! By “hot” you mean that thing was sexy…ewww


    Indeed it is.



    I know you weren’t going to watch it…but it’s fake so there’s no reason to be scared 🙂


    Yeah, there are some nice effects in this video LOL.


    LOOOOL so true, I just watched it again and I can see a mustache hahaha nice catch 😉


    Indeed…I have seen the original that those guys copied from.


    Nice guess!! What class is it btw LOOL


  10. I hate Hala Sar7an .. here is a fact , a genie and a demon are the same thing 😀 in Islam’s belief at least!

    the only difference.. is that, a bad genie = a demon 😀


  11. Posted by Icuonuez on February 26, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    He looks like Gollum from LotR.. lol I’ve seen the paranormal and this is a play compared to what I’ve experienced. Good one though


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