Been Watching…


American Idol: The auditions still my favorite part of the show; you have no idea how incompetent some of the contestants are. I mean you would think they would have gone better in the sixth season but they still keep on sucking.

• Ugly Betty: After winning many awards including best comedy; I had to see what all the fuss is about and started watching it via iTunes, and I have to say the show is pretty cool but still not THAT cool that I would give it an award.

• Heroes: This show is keep getting better and better. Finally an NBC show that is worth watching. And I still think the Asian guy is the coolest character around…I mean this guy was just nominated.

• What About Brian: I really love this show; way better than Brothers & Sisters in my opinion. The show is very “cozy” and the chemistry that the characters have is believable.

• 24: After the constant raving from critics and fans alike (and by that I mean Marzouq), I decided to commit on watching this season’s 24 and I have to say the premier started with a bang. I was surprised that I got hooked even I’m not a big fan of the show. I might convince my friend to lend me his DVD collection of 24 to start watching the pervious seasons.

Of course I have been watching other stuff but those are the highlights for these days. Cannot wait for all new LOST next Wednesday.


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  1. American Idol: I still have the auditions as my fav. part
    24: I still cannot believe that this is happening in only one day .. Call me unimaginative, but this is ma mind .. Built in.. cannot replace it 😛


  2. Halloz. You have me dying to start watching Heroes. These days I’m just watching Lost and Desperate Housewives. I’m loving the American Idol auditions as well. Some people are just unbelievable. I wish I had courage like that, albeit less foolishness.


  3. i download what about brian just for my friend … i used to watch it but not any more
    soooooo chick flicky!!! hehehehe


    actually we have an episode about TV shows only … gotta listen to it at


  4. @OpeRon:

    Great! We indeed have the same taste…way to go 🙂

    Too bad the audition part of American Idol will end next week..Boooo 😦


    Well, you can try for Future Superstar 🙂

    Hmmm, with LOST starting next week…you can postpone Heroes for some other time…I mean it is still in its first season so there’s time to catch up.


    I know it is a chick flick drama but it’s still a cool show. Come to think of it…most of Kuwaiti TV shows are chick flicks but we still watch them nevertheless LOL 😀


  5. Alright, this post is how old? Anyway, I have to extend my hand in utter appreciation.. this show kicks ass.. One of the very few that I’m following on and truly worth it!


  6. @Transparently Blue

    LOOOL I’m going to assume you are talking about HEROES cuz most of the shows I mentioned really kick ass. Happy time watching 🙂


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