Get A Wingwoman Instead


Most guys when they go out and start looking for love, they usually have a wingman who gives them a boost in their morals and improves their chances of hooking up. However, recent study shows it would much better if you have a wingwoman instead.

A new study set to be published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B concludes that women are more likely to find men attractive if they see other women smiling at them.

Here is a jest from the study:

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland showed women pairs of pictures of men and asked them to choose the more attractive guy and rate how much more attractive he was. They then showed the women short videos with the same faces, but in each shot a woman was looking at the man with either a smile or a neutral expression. After watching the video, the women rated the men who got a smile higher than those who got the blank stare.

In another trial however, the researchers asked what men thought of other men who were getting smiles from women. The result: they thought they were less attractive. In other words, guys don’t like guys who look like they might get some.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Actually that makes a ton of sense. Given men and women can’t figure out each other, might as well get some intel from someone with a lot more insight.


  2. Posted by cixousianpanic on February 6, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    “guys dont like guys who look like they might get some” – LOL!


  3. @Juka

    Exactly. Nice Observation 😉




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