Are You Anal?


No, I’m talking if you prefer the anal position. I’m referring to the anal stage that psychologist Sigmund Freud mentioned in his popular psychosexual development theory on human’s behavior. Freud hypothesized that during the second year of life of children, their pleasures and conflicts usually center in the anal area. This stage is exemplified by a toddler’s pleasure in controlling his or her bowels. The inability to resolve the conflicts of this stage may cause anal retentive or anal expulsive fixations.

  • Anal Retentive individuals are those who overly worried about small details of form, style and etiquette; who are uptight or distressed over ordinarily minor problems, and unable to adopt a philosophical attitude toward mistakes.
  • Anal Expulsive individuals usually show exhibiting cruelty, emotional outbursts, disorganization, self-confidence, liberal-mindedness, (sometimes) artistic ability, generosity, rebelliousness, and general carelessness.

So, which one are you?


8 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm, interesting!!


  2. Nice article indeed.. but I have to mention that most freud’s Theories are Fallacious & Obselete scientifically “including this particular one” …

    I cannot relate to any of the categories you mentioned because I happened to be a mix of both…

    However, I do salut you for reading such subjects which is found complex and boring for most people .. I would advise you to go for modern psychology & psychiatry to have better understanding … Nothing is better than disorders to explain the complexity of normality … that’s Psychiatry


  3. am i anal?

    that’s like asking if the sky is blue -_-


  4. I’m both !


  5. “The inability to resolve the conflicts of this stage may cause anal retentive or anal expulsive fixations.”

    Inability to resolve – what if you do resolve, or is there no such outcome? Can someone be none of the above?


  6. @BLaSha

    Glad you find psychology interesting 🙂


    Well, I think psychology kick ass (I mean it is my major) and it explains many things and aspects of our lives and they we develop.

    Now, back to Freud. I actually think he was an interesting fellow, even though his theories tend to be “outside of this world, many psychologists give him credit though and I still haven’t found a single psychology textbook that didn’t mention his work.

    And regarding to the subject, you will be surprise how many people fit to Freud’s scheme perfectly 🙂


    I didn’t expect this at all from you Laialy LOL :)T

    @True Faith

    WOW, that means your anal stage was pretty messed up LOL 😀

    @Transparently Blue

    Well, if stage has been resolved in your life, you tend to act very normal when it comes to expressing your issues and your organization method is quite mundane, “not to uptight” and “not to careless”.


  7. True enough.. but I do recommend u read some psychiatry too .. I have studied both of them “I am a doctor” .. I like psychiatry more, it helps implementing the psychology learning in treating disorders.. I think I have an ebook version of a psychiatry textbook somewhere.. I can send it over


  8. @OpeRon

    I do indeed read tons of psychiatry books because that’s what I really want to do in my life. In fact,my dream is either to open a clinic or teach in a university, and I’d like to publish a book in the future.

    And YES! I would like that…if it isn’t too much trouble 🙂


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