It’s Called A Dressing!


Me and one of the guys went to Olive Garden some time ago. We ordered a House Salad so we can both can share. Then he embarrassed himself by asking the waitress “Can I have a Caesar sauce please?” Sauce, not a dressing but a sauce. I told him that the word “sauce” doesn’t go with salads; he better use the word “dressing”. He replied that they both mean the same thing and the waitress knew what he meant. Then one day, we went to iHOP for breakfast; he ordered some pancakes and then called the waiter and looked at me and said “3ashan 5a6rek ra7 2a8ol dressing”, and just before I said anything, he popped the question and said “Can I have a honey dressing?” The waiter replied “you want a honey mustard dressing with that?” I interfered (with a smile in my face) “I’m sorry, he meant to say that he wants a honey syrup”. The waiter laughed. My friend got angry and I got embarrassed.

Some Vocabulary

Sauce: usually hot, and its most common uses: marinara sauce or a meat sauce.
Dressing: any “liquid” topping for any type of salad
Syrup: usually used for pancakes and sometimes ice-cream
Toppings: used for an extra ingredients, and usually referred for solid food.
Fudge: mostly used for ice creams like chocolate/caramel fudge.


6 responses to this post.

  1. i learned my lesson, when i see someone using wrong vocabulary, i’d shut up, cuz i always get labeled as a smartass and that i am only trying to show them that i have good english and they dont, it is more fun to see their faces when the waiter/etc.. corrects them, than me correcting them.

    oo dude yala import ur old blog oo get rid of that link in the bottom 😛


  2. “My friend got angry and I got embarrassed”

    Why were you embarrased?


  3. I know exactly how it feels like, If i corrected them, i’m better than them, if i don’t i’m not their friend!!!


  4. woah that’s hell of embarrassment , guess he gotta learn some dinner vocabulary though..

    It’s funny, But a topping is not necessarily an extra ingredient, it is an added ingredient “which is essentially solid or jello like” on the top of a solid blocky dish .. including Pizza topping, Cheese cake topping and others…

    & Sauce is always used for main course, Dressing for salad, Syrup for dessert “mostly”

    But I am glad that people out there already know these stuff.. You cannot imagine how many people I face with this type of misknowledge!


  5. @Yazeed

    I really understand what you are saying but I genuinely want to help them. God knows I wasn’t doing it to “show off”. But what can you do to “nakerin el jameel”.

    Oh yeah, I heard about the new blogger importer, but to tell ya the truth, I think my current blog has a very distinct “flavor” than the last one so I might just keep this blog separated from my previous one. Besides, all the image uploads of the previous blog will eat all the storage capacity of this one 🙂

    @True Faith

    I was embarrassed because my friend was getting angry at the waiter so I was like “God, take me from this place right now.”


    Exactly, and your intentions are really genuine but they always interpreted the other way.


    *Takes the “topping” info in consideration with an open heart* 🙂

    I think the reason that people make this mistake (especially Arabs) is that all these words have one meaning in Arabic, so their Arabic minds interfere with the “newly-learned” English minds and make mistake like “Open the air condition” rather than “turn on the air condition” and so on.


  6. Sad but True


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