Hard Cook Is Funny


Reading Mark’s latest entries, reminded me of the fast food restaurant Hard Cook, and I remember laughing so hard the first time I have been there. It was like two years ago (winter break of 2005 to be exact). And it was me, my mom, and my aunt (5altee) who we picked her up from the hospital and we were on our way to drop her off at her house. She was a bit hungry (and so did I) so we stopped at Hard Cook. Now, this was my first time there; I looked at the title of the restaurant and the next thing I was laughing hard. My aunt looked at me and then looked at mom “what’s wrong with him?”. My mom smiled and said “apparently he’s laughing at the title of the restaurant” (I love how my mom understands me without me saying anything). My aunt realized why I was laughing and gave me her famous, long-stretched word “3eeeeeeeb” (which means shame on you or something). Now, the thing that brought tears to my eyes is the way the workers dressed especially the big, silly Mexican hats they wore. It just the idea didn’t click to me, and whoever came up with the idea is certainly clueless, because it wasn’t original, it was darn funny. I mean you have to see the way they look from afar; the big hats were hilarious walking around on the street. Things got worse when one of the waiters approached our car to receive our orders, because I was still laughing hard. When he approached our window, I picked my phone and was pretending that I’m laughing with my “imagined-caller”. I couldn’t order anything, so my aunt ordered me what she wanted for herself.

OK, I know I sounded really silly and extremely immature but I couldn’t help it. Hard Cook is a funny restaurant indeed; I forgot how their food tested though.


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  1. very true.. it’s like the Hard Rock’s cheap little bastard brother that his mom had with a baqala


  2. looooooool

    3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaib :p


  3. swair eshfeech f9ltay 3alaa erayal ?? hday haday 🙂




  5. LoooooooL.. sounds like FUN


  6. LoooooooL.. sounds like FUNNNNNNN


  7. @Swair

    Hmmm, you have a wild (yet unique) imagination 🙂


    Yeah, my aunt has some stuff that really defines her only


    Hahaha, no problem…that problem is fixed 😀




    Yeah, I had tons of fun that Xmas break (and so the last one) but with my aunt it’s always fun 🙂


  8. […] like Hard Cook has some […]


  9. Posted by mish on November 1, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    LOL good stuff xD


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