Scary Tales From Kuwait


The other day, me and my friends were having one of our meaningless discussion and the next thing we were talking about some scary tales (or urban legends) we heard from other folks or other forms of media. Many of us told many stories, and some of them really freaked me out, so I thought to share some of these stories and see if you (by any chance) heard about them somewhere. Now, I’m not saying they’re real, or I want you to believe them, because I assume most of them are urban legends. I chose two stories that two of my friends told and the last one was told by me.

Story #1
A Freaked Party

According to my friend, this story is really popular in Kuwait (and very recent) and couples of newspaper and magazines have reported the story. The story goes like this: a middle-aged woman who plays old-fashioned Kuwaiti instrument (she’s a 6a8a8ah) received a call during Ramadan from some folks who wanted to use her services. At first, she refused since it is inappropriate to perform music during Ramadan, but she soon agreed when they insisted that she performs, and they also agreed to give her triple what she usually charges. They told her that they are going to send their own driver to pick her up from her house and drive her to theirs. The day of the celebration came, and she went to the house and started performing. The day was Thursday but the party continued until 12:00AM (Friday), then, the old woman got a little worry especially some of the attendances started to act bizarre, but what she saw next shook her to the very core. A group of young girls centered the room and then started to dance very aggressively that their legs appeared; however, their legs weren’t human at all, they closely resembled horses’ legs. The old woman got terrified and ran outside and “luckily” for her, the driver (who picked her up) was waiting outside. She got inside the car and asked the driver to take her away from here. The driver asked her what’s wrong but she was freaking out and couldn’t mumble her words correctly. After couple of minutes, the driver asked her again what is wrong, and she told him what she has witnessed, then the driver replied, “you mean just like my legs”. He revealed his legs under the “deshdasha” he was wearing, and his legs were just like the young girls before. The old woman got hysterical again and threw herself from the car to the street, which got her unconscious. The next morning, people found her on the street and took her to the police station where the old woman reported the incident. When they reached the “party house”, it was gone; it disappeared, and what was left behind was just an empty yard.

Story #2
The Dark Lady of Bayan

I cannot tell you how many times I heard this story from many people in my life, which really makes me terrified from going to Bayan. However, it is known that Bayan is one of the most “haunted” areas in Kuwait (especially in the “inside-streets”). It is said that very late at night, many witnessed a dark lady roaming the “inside” streets of Bayan and walking in the streets that face the houses from both sides. Although, most people who report her presence usually see her from a distance (like from a window or while riding a car). They say her face isn’t quite visible but she has a bit sparkly red eyes that terrified anyone who sees her directly. The story my friend told me is that two young kids in their teens saw her from their window and looked directly at her eyes. The day after, the kids exhibited symptoms that resemble a fever, but soon got away.

Story #3
The Bones Within

OK, this is the story that I told, in which I heard it from my father. My father met this guy while he was searching for a land to build our house. The guy told my father to be extremely careful on picking the land. He told my father that three months ago, his family got to their new house that was located in one of the “new areas” of Kuwait. He said that, for a month, they were hearing this strange, faint noise coming outside from their house in the middle of the night. It sounded like a faint scream that usually an animal produces. They didn’t pay attention to it at first. Until one day, the father hired some workers to plant him some tress, bushes, and other kind of greens in his garden. After couple of hours, the workers called the father and asked him to come to the garden because they found something buried beneath his own garden. What they found was a pile of bones, (mostly bones from cows, horses, and other farm animals). The father was terrified and asked the workers to dig further around the house, and they found 8 piles of bones circling the house from 8 different angles. The father took all the bones from his garden and the next day, his house was put on sale.

And that’s pretty much it. It is up to you if you want to believe them or not, but for me, I’m assuming they are just urban legends. However, what makes me believe in them (just a little bit) is the way these stories have been reported. For example, the first story was published in a couple of news paper, the second story is quite famous and heard it couple of times from other people, and the third one comes from a person that my father knew. I bet there are other stories like that but whether they are true or not, they are certainly terrifying.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Story #1: This is classical, my grandmother used to tell me similar story that happened in Syria “she is syrian”.. so I wouldn’t consider this story as recent!

    Story #2: well, I wouldn’t believe this pretty much, I am paranormal, but I have never seen a spirit with red shining eyes

    Story #3: he shouldn’t have put it on sale, he should have buried the bones somewhere else with Qur’an read on it .. then Planting the trees where the bones was there.. put water on it and read Qur’an on the grounds.. then putting on Qur’an in the house for a week and it will be all great.. nothing to be really scared of!

    I might scare you cos I am kinda indifferent to these things, but I did see my share of this stuff.. so I know what to be done!

    Qur’an is better than magic, The words of Qur’an are so powerful more than you can imagine .. let me tell u something simple .. when you read Qur’an you feel a shiver down ur spine, you feel like everything around turned into silence and listening, you feel calmness sweeping slowly down your core.. this is not a coincidence.. not psychological induction .. it is magic!


  2. loooooooool
    i just read “scary stories” then i scrolled all the way down


  3. I’m kinda freaked :


  4. i always hear the story of murjana, the old jinn lady with no legs, thinking of her sends shivers down my spine! eventhough i keep telling myself i dont believe in these stories, ppl made them up, but a part of me always wonders


  5. @OpeRon

    No, no, there’s nothing scary from the fact that you can sense the paranormal. However, this got me thinking…do you believe in magic by any chance? I mean the magic that can be undone by reading specific passages of the Quran and such.

    Oh and I know what you are talking about…I got this feeling a lot when I read the Quran too. However, I usually interpret it that I being in “Al-5osho3” state and being connected with God. But I guess that’s the magic of it 🙂


    OMG Laialy…3ad lee hal darajah 5awafah (not trying to be offensive here) 😀
    Just like my mom


    3ad ana sheno 2a’3ol…that night I was so freaking out and on top of that I went to see “The Messengers” (a horror flick) on the same night.


    Wallah you read my thoughts…I sometimes wonder too :/


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