The Facebook Stalker Video

Do you have a facebook account? Well, after watching this video I bet some of you are going to close it once and for all (I’m not doing it though). The skit is really funny and the lyrics that were influenced by Enrique Iglesias’ song Hero is genius. I wonder if I have a stalker too?


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  1. Great Song :p


  2. Thanks god I dun have an account in facebook .. Phew.. I hate stalkers!
    I had ma share of them 😛


    i think ananyah will love this video, hahahahaha


  4. Daaaaaaaaaaamn Funny
    only 1 question: are you my facebook stalker :p


  5. rofl! I liked that.


  6. That was cute. Very cute and a great song. Everything a hit is made of. Right On!


  7. @Casttro

    Indeed, thanks to Enrique’s 🙂


    WOW, you have a stalker…that’s sooo cool, wait…that’s a bad thing. But I wish I had an admirer LOL 😀


    Then I bet she has a facebook account herself


    Hmmm, I could ask you the same thing 😉

    Wait, or you one of my friends in facebook…

    @Transparently Blue

    Glad you liked it 🙂


    You think it was cute? But I agree, the video is very clear and unfortunately…true sometimes


  8. nope i am not your friend on FB


  9. @Laialy

    Thought so…but I am indeed your stalker…in the blogging world 😉


  10. Posted by enrique iglesias fan on November 17, 2007 at 10:35 pm

  11. Why stalk on FaceBook when you can make money instead?? Remember the richer you are, the more love you will get.


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