I Hate DanDosha!!


Angelo: Umm, hi who is this?
DanDosha: Enta meno 2awal?
Angelo: I won’t tell, I got the request from you…you added me first
DanDosha: Chathab!!
Angelo: El7een you send me a request o etshathbeni…3ayal esh3arafni eb e-mailech?
DanDosha: Ba3ad shabab 2a5er zeman kelshy etsawoon allah ya5ethkom
Angelo: Ya 7abibtey…ana ma3aref hal sowalf
DanDosha: Sheno 7abibtey? Ween 8a3deen?
Angelo: Wel’leeeeeeeeeeeeh
Angelo: I’m ending this now…BYE
DanDosha: La7’9ah
DanDosha: Dezlee 9ortek…
Angelo: Leesh? Sheno, laykon naoyah te56ebeni o ana madri?
Angelo: Ba3ad banat 2a5er zeman…kelshy etsawoon
DanDosha: Malat!!
Angelo: 3ala Shaklech…BYE

Final Thoughts
DanDosha is a Bitch.


9 responses to this post.

  1. 6aweel balik 6al 3mrik o mako elaa el kher inshalaah


  2. why u accept people u dont know!!! mn awalha elshagleh darbeh!!


  3. haha e9’a7ek hal dandosha 😛
    zain etsawe feha!!


  4. Posted by elaine.ess on February 14, 2007 at 8:32 am

    hehehe shako 9oortik bil mawthoo3? zain itsawee feeha and im thinking yes banat akher il ziman gamaw uhma iykha6boon 7ag roo7hom 😛


  5. Can’t understand a single word .. Sorry :S


  6. She should be dead.


  7. Posted by Nora-Cassandra on February 14, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    I think she just wanted to find a Valentine!

    You know in UK people who have a thing for you would send you an unsigned Valentine card so you won’t know who they are?

    That might have been her plan! 🙂


  8. @Casttro

    Ana wallah em6awel baly…bas e2yah 7aratni…I’m fine now 🙂


    I get many requests from people like each week..some of them are friends I just met in class, or family members who create new e-mails like every second and so on. I honestly thought her situation is similar…


    LoooL…glad you think this way then 😀


    Exactly…not all of them are saints. I bet she needs my picture for Valentine’s just as Nora mentioned



    No need to know what’s going on…it’s completely meaningless


    She sooooo should 🙂


    Excellent thinking Nora…that’s probably it. Maybe that’s why she asked for my picture. It just…how on the world she got my e-mail? Oh well…


  9. Posted by BeLLo on February 18, 2007 at 5:55 pm



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