The Versatile Shirt


Do you have a favorite shirt that whenever it got dirty you get really pissed and rush to the dry-cleaner to get all the stains removed? Or, do you have what is called “wardrobe favorite” item that you wear it for any occasions and always makes you look thin or fit? Of course you have, and this shirt is referred as a “the versatile shirt”.

A versatile shirt usually got this” wardrobe favorite” I talked about written all over it! First it’s usually very comfortable, you can wear this it with a tie or without, under a sport-coat, or casual with khakis or jeans. It is usually made of 100% combed cotton.

Now, if you are wondering how to spot one, here’s a tip: a button-up shirt that is perhaps more fitted and/or has a nice pattern is a stylish alternative to the plain dress shirt usually considered “versatile”. They are perfect worn with jeans alone or under a blazer. I usually go with Cottonfield, Banana Republic, and Armani Exchange shirts…sure, they might be a little expensive but they sure last for eternity. So try to make every shirt in your wardrobe versatile and your personal favorite.


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  1. Informative, I like the shirt too


  2. @OpeRon

    Glad you liked the piece…and the shirt 🙂


  3. When their is a need for fine custom tailored men’s clothing… NELSON WADE ® ( ) makes clothing for each client with a custom fit and is reflective of the client’s personal taste. They offer a some info on taking care of your shirt, so that they last.

    “It’s wise to give extra attention in caring for your custom handmade tailored dress shirts from NELSON WADE®.

    Dress shirts or casual shirts that are made from fine quality Cotton, tend to crease from washing and wrinkles when worn, it will requires some ironing.

    Cotton is a great natural fiber that “breathes”, which makes it cooler to wear than a cotton/poly mix.

    A good Drycleaning professional has mastered the art of cleaning and pressing dress or casual shirts and knows how to keep your investment in great shape.
    If you choose to have your custom handmade tailored shirt professionally laundered, then we would suggest that you ask for no starch.
    If you wish to launder your shirt at home….. The following steps is recommended.

    Please launder after each wearing.
    Machine or hand wash in warm water.
    Do not bleach or starch. (Starching will Shrink collar, Sleeve Cuffs and hasten the deterioration of the shirt.)
    Hang to partially dry and iron while damp.”

    NELSON WADE ® does not have a showroom, but they offer three ways to see the collection
    of custom tailored menswear and accessories. First, you can use this link to
    view a small collection of their entire products or make a private appointment for an individual consultation at your home or office. NELSON WADE ® also offers group or corporate private fittings.
    Your shopping experience will represent the utmost in style and luxury. In addition to collecting your physical measurements, they will carefully consider your profession, lifestyle, and desired image when coordinating your look.

    NELSON WADE ® brand of custom made tailored clothing for men is
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