What Puts Her In The Mood?


Men’s Health magazine surveyed another 1,000 women on how do they rate nonsexual foreplay tactics. Rating of 6 and up is considered “Fun”, while below 6 is considered the “Meh” level.

  • He takes me out for an expensive dinner (4)
  • We workout together (3)
  • He listens to me vent about my day (5)
  • We laugh together watching a TV show or movie (8)
  • He cooks dinner and cleans up (9)
  • We reminisce over old photos or video (5)
  • He takes me to a concert or a show he knows I’d like (7)
  • Without prodding, he cleans up around the house (6)
  • He surprises me with a sentimental gift (9)
  • He runs a bunch of errands for me (5)
  • He gives me a foot rup while we watch TV (7)
  • We talk a long walk together and talk (6)
  • He unexpectedly draws me a bath (9)
  • He buys me something I’d hesitated to get for my self (7)

So basically, in order for the man to score, he needs to do what is considered “feminine work” around the house, or to express his femininity more. Interesting, I don’t really mind doing that.


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