Review: Final Fantasy XII


There’s no need to describe the statuary of the Final Fantasy franchise in the role-playing department of videogames, and Final Fantasy XII is no exception. This game sets a new standard for the RPG genre when it comes to solid script and characters development; the story is so fresh that you would think J. R. R. Tolkien has written it. The graphics are lavish and the landscape is outlying and open, this baby pushes the PS2 hardware to the limit without any slow-downs or long loading times. One might consider that FFXII is an art piece by itself where the towns, people, and major characters come alive with beautiful designs and jaw-dropping facial expressions, respectively. FFXII doesn’t feature the best audio comparing with the rest of the series, but the voice acting is powerful, and the music is nevertheless pure and atmospheric. The game also features the new License Board, which complement the Gambit engine quite perfectly, giving you the absolute freedom to fully customize your characters’ abilities and equipment, which create a fresh sense of strategy. The game features tons of side-quests and missions that can easily append extra 40 hours of gameplay, not considering the major storyline. The battle system can be quite addictive but unfortunately tend to be shallow and none-strategic sometimes…but that’s pretty much it. Final Fantasy XII is simply the best RPG game of 2006 that most certainly deserves a special spot on your PS2 game shelf for many years to come.

Overall Score
9.5 out of 10

2 responses to this post.

  1. i’ve been playing this game for 23 hours and didn’t finish it yet, damn this is a long game, VAAN here i come 😛


  2. @Outlaw

    I have more than 50 hours under my belt and I’m still have a long way to finish it…but I’m having fun 😉


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