Pearl Street Mall


I love Pearl Street Mall. This lovely “European-influenced” street located in the small town of Boulder county right here in Colorado bursts with life, day and night. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, the street is considered “very-family oriented” where many people play instruments, magic, stunts, and even sings for the public. You can even spot Native Americans demonstrating their traditions to the public; of course, they will ask you for money after the end of the show…only, if you feel forking some. However, it is a different story on Friday and Saturday nights; the street is crowded with college students where clubs and bars are open until the early morning; actually I have gone “clubbing” couple of times there, and it is tons of fun, and surprisingly, very safe.

I also love the restaurants and cafes there too; they are so many to choose from; however, the guys usually settle down with the all-round restaurant “Cheesecake Factory”. If you came to Colorado, make sure that you visit the Pear Street Mall; you won’t regret it.


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  3. […] confessed a long time ago that I often go “downtown clubbing” for a change of routine or whenever I get invited by my friends. Even though I am not a […]


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