My Visual DNA Report


Million thanks to Kuwaiti Femme for this cool site.

Basically what you have to do to get your own report, is to choose the most appropriate pictures that suit your personality and life style. After that, you will get your report and the opportunity to share it with everybody else by creating a widget. Since WordPress won’t display third parties’ widgets, I will give you the link instead for my report. Seriously guys check it out, it’s so awesome.

My Report

Get Your Own Report Now

7 responses to this post.

  1. man i was checkin it recently … AMAZING


  2. interesting 😀


  3. Aw that’s cool .. quite a funny thing to do
    My report goes Here


  4. that was soooooooo cool
    when i tried it out it was right on the spot … i thought it might be too much information though :p


  5. @Laialy

    7asafah 3ad bo8at ashof your report 😀


  6. How do you get it to show on WordPress? When I paste the widget code for my visual DNA, it strips the html and all I see are links to ‘View my Visual DNA’ and ‘Get your own Visual DNA’.


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