Top 5 Songs (Week 3)


I really like the selections of songs for this week, very diverse and very rhythmic. This time, I decided to upload the songs myself since the website I used last week (to link the songs to my blog) was shutting off constantly. Remember, all the songs are in MP3 format, so they are ready to rock your ipod anytime. Enjoy.

1. Rami Ayash – Habiytak Ana
2. Hesian Al-Jasmi – Al Habib Al Awali
3. Fadel Shaker – Ebqalbek Asrari
4. Rami Sabri – Ew’adni
5. Rashid Al-Majed – Jani Habiby


6 responses to this post.

  1. Good song selection, liked em all


  2. interesting… even though i’m not a huge fan of arabic music lol


  3. @Eshda3wa

    Thanks…you have a good taste indeed 🙂


    Really? I love Music in general, whatever the language is ^_^


  4. 1. nice
    2. not all that great
    3. 3ajebah
    4. 3ajebah
    5. chinhaa gademah :/


  5. @Laialy

    Ba3ad 5ela6 el 7abel bel nabel this week 😉


  6. My favorite or top 5 songs r;

    – Paula Deanda Walk Away
    – JoJo Leave get out
    – Hilary Duff With love
    – Good Charlotte The river
    – Beyonce and Shakira Beautiful liar


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