iPod Socks


If you like everything matches what you wear, and it happens you carry your iPod all over the place, then you better get yourself iPod Socks. This set of knit socks provides a stylish, fun, and practical way to protect your iPod and they are compatible with all iPod models except iPod shuffle. Although, I usually protect my iPod Video with a “bullet-proof protective screen”, nevertheless, these little socks sure bring a little life to my iPod. Recommended for high-maintenance individuals.

Buy One?


5 responses to this post.

  1. i want socks for MYSELF in those colors :p

    very nice hahaha

    and i like the new template 😀


  2. hmmm.. the cuteness !! a friend of mine uses it for his phone.. I need to find my iPod ;P


  3. lool
    i’m not that high maintenance


  4. I think they’re too expensive for such a simple product :/
    They lean towards style rather than protection, in my opinion.


  5. @Swair

    Thanks and again thanks for putting up with my “new template every second” phase 🙂


    Smart!! I didn’t realize that I can use it for my cell until you mentioned it hahah


    Really? I dunno, you seem you kinda are 🙂


    You got that right but unfortunately I’m all about style instead of functions :/


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