Not All Foams Created Equal


After my early jog in the morning, I usually take a shower before I head to school and then shave as usual. I didn’t know what I was doing since I was thinking about the Physics quiz I would have later today, and I was looking myself at the mirror the whole time and grabbed the shaving foam and added a small application in my hand and then spread it throughout my face. Just as I grabbed the razor to start shaving, I started to feel this burning sensation in my face like somebody slapped me hard on my two cheeks. It became really irritating; I placed my hand on my face and then I looked at myself at the mirror and said, “How stupid can you be?” It seems I grabbed the wrong container; what I had in my face was a hair-styling mousse, not shaving foam. During the day, I was reminding myself how stupid I was every time I feel the burn in my face.

Today’s Tip:

Not all foams (or mousse for that matter) created equal even though they might look the same.

5 responses to this post.

  1. loooool
    poor u walah


  2. loool
    7araaaam kissart kha6rii
    yalla ma 3laih tekbar o tensaa


  3. It burns? Then what’s it like on your scalp?! @_@


  4. Damn! That must’ve been horrible!

    *Note to self, shave only with Gilette!


  5. @Eshda3wa

    Thanks for the concerns…I’m fine now ^_^


    Wallah I forgot about the whole thing today…my face is thanking you 🙂


    Well, it’s not actually burning…it just my face is extremely sensitive…I mean once I used a regular lotion (instead for sensitive skin) for my face and it got swollen like a balloon. And I think the scalp has a tougher skin than the cheek’ (I guess!).



    Combine your shaving cream with Gilette’s new face conditioner…seriously, it makes your cheeks soft like a baby’s butt (wait…that’s kinda the wrong analogy).


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