CD Review: King of Fighters 96 Original Soundtrack


I think I have said this before but I’ll say it again: do not underestimate videogames music, there are as much powerful as any soundtrack out there, and I thought I’ll do them justice by reviewing a CD for you once awhile with couple of tunes for you to download and listen. The best place to start is The King of Fighters 1996 (a 2D-fighting game) original soundtrack. There is definitely a soul in this soundtrack and each track has its own spirit that is pleasure for your ears and senses. I have picked my favorite 5 tracks from this CD (with their MP3 links) and a small evaluation for each track. Whether you are into KoF 96 or videogames in general or not, this track will certainly change your mind completely.

1. Arashi No Saxophone (Iori YagamiTeam)

This track alone defines the whole soundtrack of KoF 96; it is rich and has this sweet smooth jazz incorporated that is completely mind blowing. Near the half of the song, a settled electric guitar joins the jazz carnival and renews the chorus before it gets old. Absolutely, this is one of my favorite tracks of all time in a videogame.

2. Kamikirimushi (Art of Fighting Team)

The first 15 seconds is damn catchy, and then it gets settled with very few instruments incorporated, giving you this “sunset” feeling. However, things change as the song progresses and more instruments rejoin and transform this “sunset” feeling to a smooth jazzy night. Brilliant.

3. Esaka (Japan Team)

Although not as powerful as Iori’s, Kyo’s (or Japan) theme has this heavy, yet settled rock that is so fresh, so unique that makes it very memorable after 10 years. This song doesn’t really get old; it’s major flaw however is that it is a bit repetitive.

4. Big Shot (Fatal Fury Team)

This track introduces a new instrument: a harmonica, which makes the song very soothing and pleasant to the soul. The metals are soft and the jazzy piano is remarkably out of this world; a typical Terry Bogard theme. Sensational.

5. Rumbling On The City (Ikari Team)

Soft metals and electric guitars are taking over this track all over the place. It is very irresistible not to node your head from start to finish. Again, it tends to be repetitive around the chorus but still, it is a darn song.

The Bottom Line

4 responses to this post.

  1. hehe i used to have the fatal fury series on the neo geo but by the time king of fighters came out my parents were broke.


  2. What is that anyway?! It somehow reminds me of tekken ;P
    Do you think I’d be addicted to those stuff just as you?!


  3. Posted by Pickaxe on February 12, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    I realize how late I am to the party, but it’s nice that you reviewed this soundtrack.

    Also, you left out Fairy, my favorite track of this album. And possibly Trash Head.


  4. Posted by Umair on May 11, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    You are right, never underestimate videogame osts. My favourite of this whole album has always been Esaka. And the snazzier version they put in Kof 98.
    Of late though I’ve been finding DMC4 and both Modern Warfares’ osts to my liking.


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