Physics Sucks


Can somebody take the physics exam for me on Tuesday? God, I hate physics and any math-related courses. I mean I do understand the principles but when you ask me to apply them on a test, my mind completely shuts down and starts to wonder on other things like what will happen on the next episode of Lost or where will I travel on spring break. Give me biology or a psychology textbook anytime, but not physics (or chemistry for that matter). I mean check the lame attempt of my the professor trying to make the course “interesting” right HERE. I honestly wish that a giant brick had fallen on Newton’s head instead of an apple.

Unrelated Notes

• Is it me or that Lost has finally got interesting on the last couple episodes?
• The movie “Down With Love” explains why women like chocolate as much as sex.
Episode 2 of AnimeTV is up. Big improvement comparing to the first episode.


4 responses to this post.

  1. wait for physics 2
    1 sucks 😛


  2. You think that’s bad; how about modern Physics? Try to get your head around Einsteins theory of relativity!


  3. I loved physics, i hate chemistry!

    I’m also watching anime tv just to check it out, it seems its getting better!

    I stopped watching lost, it lost me! hehehe


  4. @Yazeed

    Gahh don’t remind me…the idea I won’t be done with Physics until next semester freaks me out

    Well, I hope Physics 2 is easier than this


    I don’t even want to know what that the theory is about.


    I used to love Physics too…high school level though.

    Glad you are liking the show…and I stopped watching Lost too until I caught up with the newly-current episodes. They are really getting good 😉


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