Sunshine All The Way


Finally a week without any upcoming snow showers on the horizon. Today’s weather is fantastic; everybody was having a good time jogging. By the way, I don’t know if that is common to everybody, but every time I pass a girl while jogging or walking, we both have to smile to each other, and every time I pass a guy, we have to greet to each other by nodding our heads; I do that without even realizing that I am actually doing it. I wonder why?


3 responses to this post.

  1. bring back my arizona sunshine
    ehe ehe
    the weather has been total kharbo6a
    it’s so windy today i might fly away (i think that rhymes, 7addi gangsta)


  2. it’s the sunshine, puts everyone in a good mood


  3. @Laialy

    LOL 7adech gansta 🙂

    Yeah, I heard AZ has a terrific sunshine..I wanna go there somebody..maybe to Phoenix or Tucson.


    Indeed…I mean who knew I’m actually a morning person.


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