Pick Your Disorder


This is an interesting exercise that our psychopathology professor shared with us last year and I actually thought it was surprisingly “semi-accurate”. Basically what you have to do is to pick up your favorite disorder, and by that, I mean a disorder you are most comfortable to have or that explains who you are. After you make your choice, you have to explain why it is your favorite. It does sound strange but it makes sense about your personality and behavior.

Here are the disorders:

Narcissist: A person who favors exterior looks and become hostile when criticized.

Hypochondriac: A person who thinks that he/she has an illness (or feels pain) even though that he/she is completely fine.

OCD: A person who fixates on certain rituals and habits to resolve anxiety.

Co-Dependent: A person who relays on somebody else to make his/her decisions even the smallest, simplest ones.

Schizophrenic: A person who exhibits visual/audio delusions and isn’t afraid to explicitly express them, and can show split personality.

Addictive: A person who shows addictive personality toward certain behaviors.

Control Freak: A person who loves to be in-charge of everything and everyone in his/her life and expresses independence on the life of others

Here’s how I answered as I remember:

I picked: Hypochondriac

Why: I wouldn’t say that I’m a narcissist since I don’t really care if other people like the way I look or behave, but I do show anxiety if I’m not sure about certain and personal issues such as “is my breathe OK” or “Do I look weird by wearing this?” and etc. And I don’t think I’m an OCD even though I might display certain rituals such as popping a tic-tac or a gum whenever I eat “garlicky” food, but that is what I called good hygiene in my opinion.

So choose a disorder and then explains why. If you are uncomfortable on explaining why then choosing a disorder will suffice for now because I’m kinda curious on what would you choose. You can choose a disorder outside from the list if you want.

5 responses to this post.

  1. I would pick OCD because I am really obsessive about some stuff.. I mean, I am kinda a perfectionist .. and when I do something, I am just possessed until I perfect it…

    Nop to others of course.. I cannot be neither.. sometimes I express some schizophrenic behavior when I express some eccentric ideas that I have in ma mind .. 3ady ya3ni .. but as for the split personality then, that’s far from schizophrenia, it is more an identity dissociative disorder

    over all.. very interesting post.. and STOP changing the banner, I gasp everytime I open your blog, they’re juz GREAT~!


  2. ide say control freak, im a perfectionist, things have to be done in a certain way, and only i can perfect them.
    also cz i hate depending on ppl, i like to take things in my own hands.
    and i dont think being a control freak is a disorder! i think its healthy to want to be a leader!


  3. definitely OCD… i do have these tiny rituals that i use.. i don’t nessecarily explain them to anyone or anything, i just do them to feel better.. if i don’t do them, it’ll keep nagging me in the back of my head..

    Example: in the car, if i’m lowering or raising the volume, it have to be an even number.. if it’s an odd number, i’ll keep thinking about it and how it’s not RIGHT..

    it’s weird, i know, but that’s what makes OCD a DEFINITE answer lol


  4. Addictive: Anime + Bike + Internet

    enuff said!


  5. @OpeRon

    LOL, I cannot believe that you from all people you have a split personality…I wanna be there when that’s happen. And I’ll hold on this banner for a much longer time for ya 😉


    No, “Control Freak” is not a disorder but it is a somewhat diversion of OCD.


    I have the same thing when it comes on keeping cash money (number 5 is the only exception).


    Right to the point as always…make sense to me 🙂


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