Review: Tales Of The Abyss


Namco’s Tales series may not be as popular as Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy series, but its unique integration and addictive battle system are surely to delight any RPG veteran out there, and Tales of The Abyss offers that and even more. First, Abyss’ story doesn’t break any particularly new ground. It’s long and full of twists, and hardcore RPG players will probably see most of them coming a mile away. However its strongest point is the colorful characters Abyss comprises of; as each manages to come across as a fairly memorable character, quite a step up from the clichéd Tales of Symphonia and Legendia protagonists. The battle system is what makes Abyss so worth playing, the fighting engine uses an action-based combat system that is more reminiscent of a fighting title than an RPG; yet it works beautifully and can be quite addictive. The game also introduces many intriguing features that certainly add depth to the battle system such as the FOF or “Field of Fonons” mechanic that will force the player to use the battlefield as a weapon to unleash devastating attacks and spells. Abyss also adds the Capacity Core system the allows the player to fully customize the character’s attributes and status and power up the character’s most powerful Arts. There’s nothing halfhearted about the audio; however, the voice acting is generally excellent and the soundtrack is spectacularly good. The graphics certainly don’t measure up to Final Fantasy level but it is good; nevertheless, the special effects such as spells and Mystic Arts are certainly flashy and a pleasure to the eye. The game is certainly harder than Symphonia, and it boosts many side-quests, mini-games, and optional bosses that can easily shade roughly 70-80 hours of your game time.


In the end, Tales of the Abyss isn’t a bad title. It takes a few steps forward and a few steps back from the previous offerings in the series, but it genuinely satisfies any player who is familiar to the Tales series while pleasing the newcomers also.

Overall Score
9.0 out of 10

5 responses to this post.

  1. PS2 is still alive 😛
    try playing online games man, may i recommend WOW?

    try to search google videos for kooky 😉

    yes i am a show off


  2. There are so many RPGs nowadays, I can’t keep up :/


  3. Seems pretty cool, but with RPGs its best to choose one and stick to it. I am just now getting into Obllivion on Xbox 360.


  4. @Kitty

    Yup, PS2 is still alive and kicking…and still has some life left.

    WoW…huh, sorry hun…I have a life…the game would take all my time.


    And I consider that a good thing 😉


    I finished ToS like two months ago…and yes, every time I finish an RPG, I moved to the 2nd one. And Oblivion is cool but it’s western RPG…I don’t think you can finish the game since new missions are updated like every every 2 seconds 😀


  5. […] Go and pick up Tales of The Abyss for the Playstation 2. It’s one of the best JRPGs released in the last console generation. You will absolutely love the compelling characters, the diverse side-quests and mini-games, and mind-blowing gameplay. As a matter of fact, Jade Curtiss alone justifies purchasing this game; he’s one of my favorite videogame characters of all time, really. Read my review HERE. […]


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