Kuwaiti’s Art In Window’s Vista


Hamad Darwish (a 24 years old Kuwaiti photographer) might not be a household name, but if you use Windows Vista, then his work is on your computer. In fact, it might be even on your desktop right now! Assuming IDC’s predictions are accurate, then before the end of the year, up to 90 million people will have the chance to see Hamad’s work.

  • Check out his exclusive interview right HERE.
  • Browse his stunning work by visiting his flicker account right HERE.

9 responses to this post.

  1. @Marzouq

    I know what you mean…I wish I can achieve something internationally acclaimed similar to this guy’s work.


  2. Nice achievement. Who would have guessed he would be contracted by Microsoft 🙂

    Though I would prefer it to be Google.


  3. art and vista shouldn’t been mentioned in the same post


  4. no offense


  5. Very Intriguing indeed …


  6. eeeee i read this a long time ago, very interesting 😀


  7. like Swair, i heard about this a while ago

    all i have to say is KUWAIT POWER

    hal naas yerfe3oon el raas 🙂


  8. @Bashar

    Even though I’m not into Microsoft, I’d be thrilled if that happened to me 🙂


    I’m with you on that…no offense taken hun ^_^


    Indeed 🙂


    Yeah, the website I linked to my post has posted this article long ago; but still a memorable achievement to Kuwait 😀


    Yup yup…el fal lena inshallah ^_^


  9. I really wish more Kuwaitis such as this guy were encouraged to go into what they are interested in and pursue it. This is really great and I hope more get encouraged by this young man!


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