The Benefits Of Being A Morning Person


  • Since this semester started, I have become an avid morning person. I usually wake up at 8:00AM and consume two 18oz of water before I go jogging. The main benefit behind this is that I’ll be able to boost my metabolism for the rest of the day meaning I’ll be able to burn foods faster and avoid having a food coma.
  • My classes usually start at 11:00AM, so I always make sure that I am in school 1 hour before that. You will be surprise how much work I can achieve in this single hour. I usually catch up with my reading assignments, writing papers in advance, doing research, printing papers, sending e-mails, making phone calls, or just read my novel. Of course, I don’t do all of them in that one hour, but still, I would have taken a huge load before my day has actually started.
  • Surprisingly, I am more focused at class this way, I don’t feel bored and able to engage and participate more. I become more relaxed and able to assess things much better.
  • If I felt extremely tired when I come back home, I make sure to take a nap 2 hours top just to rejuvenate and charge my batteries; and then go to bed at 1:00AM. Of course, I would have accomplished many things before that such as working on my online quizzes, working out, eating, and having some “me-time”.

The bottom line is, I really encourage you to become a morning person and witness the difference and the big impact in your daily routine. Try it. Click HERE for tips on how to become an early riser.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Very True.. I love the post


  2. nice .. really very nice. with my new work i’m trying to become a morning person but i guess i’ll need a little time to adjust.


  3. morning person… sun… singing birds, chatty ppl
    just the thought makes me cringe!!
    but good for u! as long as ur enjoying it


  4. It’s easy to do that from the start of the semester, but once things start piling up and you find yourself staying up late doing homework, it feels almost impossible to keep up. :/


  5. i’m no where near a morning person 😦
    i don’t know what i’m going to do lol i’m going to teach so i’m supposed to be up by 5:00 if i want to get to work on time :p

    i’m such a sloth haha


  6. I’m a morning person because I like to ride so much, but work does drain you a lot.

    If I started work at 11am I would finish a ton of things! But that isn’t the case really. I do what I can but still my plate is full. I used to love it University because i used to get up early drop off my car then come back home and finish a few errands on my bike before heading over to class.

    You really reminded me of my late morning classes I loved those! I even didn’t mind having classes on saturdays, as long as it didn’t interfere with a fews things:

    Halo 2
    and intake of Food!



  7. @OpeRon

    Thanks man 😉

    @Dawn Fairy

    It takes time but when you get used to it…you don’t wanna go back to your old late routine


    Hahaha thanks wallah, yeah the morning is seriously the best time of a day.


    Well, it’s been like 2 months now since I have started this routine and so far it’s been wonderful. I mean I admit there were days that went a little off…but I was able to obtain a balance thereafter.


    Ahhh, so you are a night owl….


    Yeah, I know you are a morning person most of the time (I mean according to your posts)…but your job sounds tough (and your recent family development sure isn’t making thing easier LOOL).


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