Casual Friday


I had tons of fun last Friday. I SMSed my friend and told him that I need to grab a lunch with him after school for a change; and in my surprise, four more people wound up showing to the restaurant (I didn’t mind that of course). I ordered grilled chicken madeira and it was delicious (hell I even cleaned my plate full…I mean I need some protein haha).

We were six then we became three, we headed to the mall for some browsing. I got me the new kakis from the GAP retail store (It’s called “the boyfriend trouser” in the commercial, check out HERE). I got some facial products, scented candles, and other small things.

We decided to watch the movie 300 the 5 o’clock show, thinking that the movie theater will not be crowded at this hour…boy, we were wrong. The movie was amazing and very stylized; I give it a big fat B+ (read the review above).

After the movie, we returned to the mall again just to hangout and waste some time; we went to Gamestop and I felt tempted and bought Sonic and The Secrets Rings for the Wii (expect a review soon). Afterward, we went to my friend’s apartment to relax for a bit and I got to play a little bit of X360, and got to talk and catch up.


By 10PM, my eyes started to get heavy so I requested my friend to drop me off at my place, and he was talking with another friend of mine who is living in the same building and he informed me that first we all are going to stop at Walmart and then to my place. He asked me if I needed something from Walmart and I was like “Well, I ran out of green tea so I might as well stock up”…I wound up paying more than $75 for groceries and household essentials.

Finally, I got back home, place everything in the fridge and to their proper place and dozed off and slept like a log.


5 responses to this post.

  1. $75 at walmart!! what did u buy @@ LooL


  2. is that even possible $75!! :p


  3. looks like u had lots fun, a very productive day mashalla 😀

    3alaik bil 3afya 😀


  4. Sounds like a nice day. Many more such good days to ya.


  5. @Laialy

    Mostly household essentials like new cooking hardware and stuff…


    Allah ye3afeech…wallah it was fun…I try to make most of my weekends productive.


    Thanks Juka and may good days to you too.


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