Review: 300


I guess I don’t need to introduce this movie so I’ll jump ahead and start evaluating. Basically the movie 300 consists of lavish graphics, slow-motion scenes of essentially invincible Spartans slaughtering countless Persians with spears and the occasional sword. The movie consists of a lot of computer animation (everything but the main characters were animated), but it’s so well done that while it’s apparent that the continual slow-motion blood spatter isn’t real, it satisfies its purpose of emphasizing the intensity of the battles. The plot itself was rather bare, as the large majority of the movie was geared only toward the battle scenes, but I’ll give it credit for maintaining a “direction” with its story. The war scenes are intended to be gory, lending high praise to the superior combat skills of the Spartans…both the computer animation and slow motion achieve this effect.


The major flaw in the movie is the portraying of the Persians; especially since they made the Persian Empire and Xerxes look like monsters (Persian Empire and Xerxes were heroes too if you are familiar with history), so it lost all the history points. In the end, the movie is totally breathtaking (action-wise) and very stylized in every scene; bring your friends and go see it as soon as possible. Now, if only I can achieve having abs like those 300 Spartans…

The Bottom Line


6 responses to this post.

  1. B+ !!!
    your hard to please aren’t ya


  2. how can it be TOTALLY BREATHTAKING and then get a B+? lol


  3. I hope I will like it, are tehre scenes that will be cut out in Kuwait?


  4. yaa it will


  5. i just saw it a few days ago HOT HOT HOT!! i would give it a +B too. i loved the video game feel it had.


  6. @Laialy

    B+ is extremely generous. I mean have yours seen the average score at rotten tomatoes…it got like 60% or something. Remember I’m evaluating a movie not a mid-term paper 🙂


    It was breathtaking action-wise…and that was pretty much it. The story by itself is boring and repetitive.


    There were a few sex and nude scenes here and there…but I don’t think they will cut the war scenes, which are the center of the movie.


    LOOOOL Hope not 😉


    Glad you share the same opinion as moi ^_^


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