Lame Breakup


I came across to one of my colleague at school today when I was finding a table at the Memorial Center.

Angelo: Clair? Hi
Clair: Oh Angelo…how are you? You look great.
Angelo: (laughs) Thanks babe…you don’t look bad yourself.
Clair: Well, I might not look bad but I do feel bad.
Angelo: Why? What happened?
Clair: Remember Ryan?
Angelo: You mean your boyfriend Ryan?
Clair: We broke up.
Angelo: I’m so sorry to hear that; you guys were like my favorite couple (smile).
Clair: (sigh) Yeah…
Angelo: May I ask what has happened?
Clair: Well, he broke up with me because he wanted us to see other people at spring break.
Angelo: WHAT? That’s crazy…I thought these kinds of things don’t happen in real life.
Clair: I know my life has turned into a drama show…or a sitcom for that matter.

We got to talk for a bit…but it really got me thinking. Do people really break up for lame reasons like that? I mean, I have seen them together for more than a year now. And to tell you the truth, Ryan is not quite a looker (he’s kinda tall and skinny and always wear a sport cap); I doubt he will ever score at spring break…


4 responses to this post.

  1. believe it or not, a greek room mate of mine in uni used a similar excuse on his girlfriend before he came to university.

    he said something like “i wanna be able to mess around in university which is where we should be messing around so i wanna break up”

    apparently everyone in greece heard the impact when her hand connected with his face in the mother of all bitch slaps 😛


  2. 1. i can’t believe you called her “babe”
    2. siz is america, anything can happen here … it’s a “free” land :p whatever that means


  3. @Skunk

    LOOOL so I guess this method of breaking up is internationally popular.


    1. Well I usually say “honey” “sweets” but the way I say babe is not as kinky as it might sound…babe 😀

    2. So free means stupid then LOOL


  4. Worse things in Kuwait happen, at least he gave it straight, in Kuwait its much worse! hehehehe.. the stories they come up with is insane!


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