My Spring Games

I’m getting these games as soon as they release. Although, I’m postponing God of Wars II for later since I’m busy with some games already. Notice a pattern in my games? Yup, I’m a hardcore RPG gamer, especially those that come from the land of rising sun.

Super Paper Mario (Wii)

Release Date: 4/9/2007


  • Players run through vibrant 2-D worlds, stomping on enemies and breaking blocks then, with the press of a button, they flip into 3-D. In the third dimension, they’ll find hidden paths, battle foes and uncover secrets as they explore the previously invisible depth of the 2-D landscapes.
  • Hold the Wii Remote sideways and control the game in classic Super Mario Bros. style. Players can shake the Wii Remote to pull off stylish moves and break out of frigid ice and even point directly at the screen to get helpful hints from their sidekick. Not only that, but they’ll also play as Peach and Bowser, both with their own sets of essential skills.
  • When a mysterious villain kidnaps Peach and Bowser and forces them to get married, their union creates a rift of dark energy that threatens to tear the universe apart. Hilarious characters, laugh-out-loud plot twists and unforgettable dimensions await as Mario makes his way through eight chapters, each more memorable than the last.

Pokemon Diamond (Nintendo DS)

Release Date: 4/22/2007


  • Worldwide battles and trading using WiFi.
  • Real-time clock feature changes the time of day based on the DS clock. The Pokemon you can catch vary based on the region and the time of day. Also, certain Pokemon moves’ power changes based on time.
  • More elaborate Pokemon Contests. Players can use the accessories and dress up their Pokemon. Players make “Poffin” out of Berries to raise their Pokemon’s contest stats.
  • New dual-type Pokemon, new/altered moves, and new special abilities add to the already deep strategy of Pokemon battling.
  • 3-D environments and updated graphics.

Dawn of Mana (Playstation 2)

Release Date: 5/22/2007


  • Experience the beloved world of Mana in a fully 3D environment for the first time.
  • Explore sweeping plains and mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see, brought vividly to life by the detailed visuals that fans have come to expect from the Mana series.
  • Experience an interactive world that encourages players to “touch” the world of Mana.
  • Realistic facial expressions dynamically convey each character’s mood and emotions.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I Love Super Paper Mario (Wii) 😉


  2. wala man you are really enjoying your time
    games and list of games you wanna play …
    lucky you … wish i had the time!!
    okay hold on … i have time to read blogs and comment on them and do a podcast … may be i can play!!!
    i think i just answered myself
    what the hell am i saying … okay i must stop now!!


  3. No Dragon Quest? :/


  4. @Casttro

    It’s a great game and it has very good impressions as I read in most reviews.


    Well, I don’t spend the rest of the day playing…just in moderation. I am a college student after all 😉


    Wait, there’s a Dragon Quest coming out soon? If you mean Dragon Quest Joker then I don’t think it is coming out this Spring.


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