Rain Me Baby


Remember when I said before how Colorado’s weather is unpredictable, well today illustrates this quite well. I didn’t notice the sudden change in weather (it was gloomy) until I came out from my complex and I wasn’t in the mood to head back and fetch a sweater, so I thought, “I’ll be jogging for an hour, nothing will happen”.

30 minutes later (like halfway of the walking trial) the rain started to pour hard on me. And since I have a terrible immune system, I started to freak out (OK, maybe freaking out is a bit over the top). Usually there is always this “horse-tail” girl jogging with me at this time of the day and she runs like the devil is chasing her; and today was no exception, the horse tail chick still running; in fact, the rain gave her an extra boost.

I took a hot shower as soon I arrived to my apartment and thankful I didn’t get sick (I had a bit sneezes here and there but that was it). I headed to the bus station for the bus, and while I was waiting, a guy passed me and he was running in the middle of the rain as well, then I said to the girl next to me “Is he serious?” She laughed. She was kinda cute; we got talking for a bit and found out she is half-Lebanese. In the end, today was productive day especially since I scored me a friend.

2 responses to this post.

  1. ygoloon rain eyeeb elkhair, and it did 🙂 u got urself a cute friend


  2. @Eshda3wa

    Oh, I didn’t think of it like this…I guess my perspective of rain has changed 🙂


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