Review: Dead Silence


Ahh yes, another movie about possessed dolls and a spirit of an old hag that haunting anyone who stands in her away; but is this movie any good? Well, by the end of the opening scene in any given horror film today, you can tell what you’re going to get with the film. Dead Silence has a good opening but then the disappointment in the theater started to grow gradually. The main character should never have been our protagonist. He carries himself throughout the film with the ere of one of those characters who is so annoying that they have to be killed at any moment (like he drives in the middle of the night to the cemetery) The writing isn’t as great as we have seen in SAW, nor the amount of gore and fright. The make-ups however were quite good and the “cutting-the-tongue” concept surprisingly works even though it is a bit stupid. The storyline is so-so. A handful of scenes are well shot and well composed (especially when everything comes to an utter silent when something terrible is about to happen); but the performance was bare and uncanny in most of the scenes.


Unfortunately, it seems the folks who worked on the SAW trilogy should stick with the same formula that they have perfected in. The movie is “watchable” however and has a twist ending (although I have seen it coming mile away) but it is not as good as a fraction of SAW especially since the entire team who worked on SAW were involved in this movie. If you are in desperate need to watch a horror movie; then it is recommended but if not, then I suggest that you stay away from it.

The Bottom Line

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