SoBe Life Water


My friend recommended me this brand of flavored water for maximum hydration with minimum amount of calories; and I simply love it. I think Gatorade is over-hyped in the sport industry. Switch to SoBe Life Water (or at least give it a try) and you will not regret it, hopefully.

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  1. Isn’t regular water hydrant enough? 😛


  2. ide rather have regular water


  3. what does it taste like? are there flavors?


  4. 7atta el water el3ibaw eb 7isbeta!


  5. Hmmm wouldnt normal water be enough? A couple of friends told me to drink apple juice instead of gatorade you get the same affect but I’m always up for trying out new things 🙂


  6. @Everybody

    No, no I’m not abandoning water completely…cuz that’s will be stupid LOL. You see, flavored water usually has more vitamins, less sodium and a great source of energy boost. Try them after or during a workout and you will see a boost in energy while hydrating your body.


    I think there are 5 or 6 flavors…check the website provided.


  7. Posted by Tonja Smith on January 15, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    I was absolutely HOOKED on this water,especially the pomegranate/cherry-that is no longer true. I dont know what yall did when you made the bottles smaller and changed the packaging,but it tastes like kool-aid now with sweet-n-low or something. Now I have to find a new drink, THANKS ALOT!


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