Is This Commercial For Real?

Remember the days when seating belts start to get really annoying and you were wondering why the were created in the first place? Well, it seems there’s a solution for that, and a cute one too.

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  1. This video made me miss my days of late night, nothing to watch on Tv, surfing random channels, and ending up watching infomercials for hours 😛


  2. The Commercial’s prime focus seems to be zooming in on breasts.


  3. LOL i think i’d be annoyed to have some furry thing on my chest.. so no thank u :p


  4. lol!
    did u mention it to get a yeddy for free?
    i think its more annoying thatn the belt!


  5. i thought it was the titty bear at first

    and i am not suprised, i’ve seen worse 😛


  6. Now thats ugly! Dont need that just to wear a damn seat belt, for some reason I have been wearing my seatbelt more and more… hmmm


  7. tiddy bear… i kept hearing titty bear.. lol

    don’t u just love how they over do everything..

    (btw did u see the hail! soo pretty!)


  8. @DiiGMaa

    LOL, I don’t think I will ever miss those days…cuz they reminded me that I didn’t do anything productive.


    Exactly. And I think that’s a major selling point for some people.


    LOL, then I guess you are not a big fan of furry clothes 🙂


    Yeah… I mean imagine the other drivers on the road who stumbled on a teddy hugging somebody’s chest.


    LOL I agree, this one yehoooooon.


    I wonder if there’s something similar for bike riders as well…. maybe I teddy bear to wear under your seat if it’s uncomfortable LOL 😀


    INDEED 😉


    Yeah yeah I have seen!! Although some of them came on my head so hard. Enjoy your Spring Break ^_^


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