Private School Prom


We were swapping story the other day and we got into our high school graduation parties and how they were like. I on the other hand didn’t have one since the principle of our high school was saving the “school’s money” to rebuild our school and skipped having a graduation ceremony for that year. I didn’t really care since public school’s graduation party sucks anyway, but my mother was pissed. She got me my brother’s graduation attire and took me to a professional photographer to take a picture of me wearing the graduation outfit. Pathetic isn’t it.

Anyway, my friends (who went to private schools) shared their stories as well, and they mentioned they actually had a prom in their graduation day. I didn’t believe it at first. I mean a prom in Kuwait. They stated it is no different from their American counterparts and they got to dance with a girl and vote for Prom’s King and Queen. I then asked my cousins (who’ve been to private schools) and they mentioned the same thing. This is kinda cool, I always wanted to go to a prom, but that’s got me thinking: Do some people lose their virginity on prom day in Kuwait? Now that’s a wild thought.

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  1. That’s the old prom myth. It ain’t necessarily so. Not in Kuwait, not in the US. But it makes a good story.

    My prom – and high school graduation – were in the Heidelberg Castle. It was so unforgettable that I didn’t even bother attending my very boring university graduation. I already had the memory I loved.


  2. wooHAWWW i was the usherette at prom, had to frisk the girls as they were coming in (and the boys if no one was watching). I dont think that ppl do lose it on “that night” in particular.. in kuwait or anywhere else for that matter – nowadays people do it whenever & wherever.


  3. I dont think it happens that “night” in kuwait, they probably lost it before that, and in Kuwait things do happen during prom. Our highschool had one, but I didn’t bother to go, I remember playing winning eleven at the time.. good times!


  4. @Intlxpatr

    Yeah I know it is a myth but you never know what the Kuwaitis think about it and might get caught up with what they see in TV. And I have attended College graduations and I agree…they aren’t that FUN.


    Geee, I bet that was annoying and tiring LOL. Hmmm, yeah, I think people these days are more considerate and thoughtful in their sex life.


    “They probably lost it before that.”
    I’m not surprised really…hell, in our school, there were guys who lost their virginity by having sex “with their schoolmates”. And in my surprise, they didn’t think of themselves as “gay” since they were “top”.

    LOOL 3ad Winning Eleven ma’3erha…oh well, I think it has its “original” taste back then.


  5. Posted by cixousianpanic on March 24, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    no but people can smuggle in alcohol.

    I had fun during my prom – danced with every guy on the dance floor!

    good memories 😀


  6. @Cixousianpanic

    Haha sounds fun. Those guys were so lucky to dance with you 😉


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