Review: Rogue Galaxy


If you are familiar with Dark Cloud series (and you have come to love them), then Rouge Galaxy is a game you don’t want to miss. You play as Jaster Rogue, a 17-year-old boy living on the desert planet of Rosa who suddenly finds himself becoming a victim of mistaken identity and wound up in a pirate ship with a quest of his dreams. The story is told through an abundance of cutscenes with full voice-overs, which is a blessing since it generates a clichéd story to an enjoyable experience. The battle system of the game is completely real-time and action oriented, matching in style probably closest to that of the Kingdom Hearts series. As you walk around, you’ll encounter random battles like in most of the Final Fantasy series with very low encounter rate. The system is the typical hack-slash with little strategy involved. The other characters are A.I. controlled; they are not the smartest around but it is manageable especially since they will constantly ask you for your help and your permission to use special attacks and healing items. However, the most enjoyable aspect of the game is the clever Weapon Creation System, which is so simple in paper but it will take a long time to craft the ultimate weapon for each character. Also, the game introduces the Revelation System which reminisces to Final Fantasy X’s Grid System but it is more user friendly than the latter. Rogue Galaxy is a beautiful game, featuring a lovely anime styled spirit, as the characters are all cel-shaded in appearance, and the world is so bright and cheerful you just have a good time playing it. The voice-overs as mentioned previously is excellent and the soundtrack has nice tunes here and there but it is not perfect. Adding with the amiss side-quest and a huge mini-game called Insectron (which resembles Pokemon), the game will surely seize a big chunk of your time with estimated 60-80 hours.


Rogue Galaxy is a good investment in RPGs, especially for it being $39.99. If you are looking for a great action RPG or just a great game period, then give this game a purchase, as it promises to give you hours and hours of gameplay.

Overall Score
8.7 out of 10

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