Clean iTunes Accomplished


Last night, I spent more than 6 hours fixing and organizing my iTunes (and my iPod as well). I didn’t use to have the correct album artwork for every song I have and I didn’t have the names for most of my Arabic albums. I was determined to get the correct album name with its artwork; and I have to tell you, it is so easier said than done. Luckily, iTunes provided me all I needed for most of my “English” songs, and surprisingly, some of the famous Arabic singers such as Amr Diab, Elissa, and Fadl Shaker. For the rest of the Arabic songs, I had to search for them via Google to acquire their albums with their artworks; some of them were really hard to find especially the old songs. Next I moved to my Anime and Videogames songs (they were much easier though).

After I made my ideal perfect iTunes, I transferred all my hard work to my iPod. First, I asked iTunes to restore my iPod, then I create different “smart” playlists in my iTunes, and I create the exact same playlists in my iPod and simply transferred them. Finally, I asked iTunes to sync my songs with my iPod every time I “log in” so I can have the same replica of iTunes in my iPod.

Finally, I came to a clear conclusion: iTunes Rocks!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Are you willing to sell it :p

    i think we might have been separated at birth, you seem to be tedious like me


  2. Loooool! Well done, I can understand your accomplishment! I dont care for the artwork but imagine doing all that manually without iTunes! I like to be a little hands on! U know! hehehehe


  3. I’ve sorted my iTunes collection two years ago and kept it that way ever since. I got into the habit of:

    -Filling Metadata
    -Enabling “Skip when shuffling” for skits/intros/outros
    -Adding Album Art (resized to an exact square)
    -And changing ID3 tag version

    every time I added something.


  4. lol i don’t use the exact artwork for every album, i just choose ordinary pics of the singer and paste it as the album artwork…


  5. @Laialy

    Haha there’s no need to sell it to you. I mean if there’s a way I could copy all the work and send it to you I’ll do it. Although, the only possible way I could think of is if we can hook our two Macs and firmware them.


    Yeah, I have to give a big credit to Itunes; it sure made organizing music much easier.


    OK, that’s a little over top for me but I do take step 1,2,3 and 5 into consideration.


    I used to do that too, but now I am obsessed on getting the correct album artwork.


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